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Why Are My Vape Coils Burning Out?

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Why Are My Vape Coils Burning Out?

What’s the biggest problem facing vapers these days? If you ask us, it’s the fact that coils cost more than ever while having poorer longevity than ever. Many people find that it takes only about a day for their coils to burn out – and with each coil typically costing $3-4, poor coil life can make vaping very expensive. What’s going on? Why are your vape coils burning out so quickly? In this article, we’re going to shed some light on the subject and provide some tips that can help you improve coil life.

Let’s begin by talking about the two problems that shorten vape coil life.

Problem 1: Dry Coils Burn Out Quickly

A typical modern vape coil has a good deal of metal mass and operates at upwards of 100 watts. A coil gets very hot, very quickly – and the e-liquid in the coil’s cotton wick is the only thing that keeps the coil from burning the cotton. If your coil’s wick isn’t completely saturated with e-liquid when you vape, you’re going to have problems. If the cotton in your coil burns, it’ll ruin the coil’s flavor forever.

Problem 2: Sweeteners Leave Deposits on Coils

The second problem facing modern vapers is that virtually all popular e-liquids are now sweetened with sucralose. Sucralose makes an e-liquid taste extremely sweet. It can really heighten a candy or bakery flavor profile, to name a couple of examples. The problem with sucralose, though, is that it burns and leaves deposits on vape coils. Vapers call those deposits “coil gunk.” Coil gunk adds a burned sugar taste to every e-liquid – and after a while, the layer of gunk becomes so thick that it’s all you can taste when you vape. Some e-liquids are so sweet that they can turn coils black in just a day of vaping.

Now you know the two reasons why your vape coils are burning out. Let’s learn what you can do to make your coils last longer.

Solution 1: Keep Your Tank Full

Keeping tabs on the amount of e-liquid in your tank is one of the best things you can do to stop your coils from burning out. The openings on the side of your coil allow e-liquid to travel from the tank to the coil’s wick. Does your tank have enough e-liquid to cover those openings fully? If not, your coil isn’t as wet as it should be. You should always refill your tank long before it is completely empty.

Solution 2: Lower Your Vaping Wattage

Almost every vaping coil has a recommended wattage range etched into the side. Did you know that manufacturers base those recommended wattages on average puff lengths of just 2-3 seconds? If your puffs are longer than that, the wick in your coil might be drying out each time you use your vaping device. When you replace the coil in your tank, examine the old coil before throwing it away. Are you noticing a burned flavor when you vape? Does the coil still look shiny? It’s likely that the wick is burned. Try vaping at a lower wattage.

Solution 3: Try an Unsweetened E-Liquid

Keeping your coil wet is absolutely necessary for a good vaping experience. Most modern coils, though, have excellent wicking performance and are able to take in a massive amount of e-liquid. The far more likely reason why your coils are burning out is because you’re using heavily sweetened e-liquid. Did you know that many e-liquid flavoring agents taste quite sweet on their own – even without added sweeteners? Try some unsweetened e-liquids. You may actually find them as delicious as the e-liquids you currently use – and the benefit is that you’ll experience drastically increased coil life. If you use an unsweetened e-liquid – and you exercise care to ensure that your coil is always wet – you’ll most likely enjoy several days of excellent service from each coil. Some people even find that their coils last for weeks at a time. Are your favorite e-liquids a bit on the expensive side? That’s not such a problem when you’re not replacing your coil every day.

Solution 4: Try Building Your Own Coils

There’s a reason why rebuildable atomizers have become so popular in the vaping community, and that reason is coil gunk. You’re never too old to love sweet flavors, and sweetened e-liquids allow you to indulge your love of candy and other sweets with no ill effect on your blood sugar or waistline. The problem, of course, is that with heavy vaping, a sweetened e-liquid ruins a coil in as little as a day.

How can you enjoy your sweet e-liquids without spending a fortune on new coils? Build the coils yourself! You can buy a rebuildable atomizer, a bag of organic cotton, a spool of wire and a coil building platform with a built-in resistance tester for about the same price as a few bottles of e-liquid – and for that price, you’ll get enough supplies to build a new coil every day for several months. There may even be a rebuildable coil platform available for the tank you’re already using. Vape coil building may not be for everyone, but you’ll only know whether it’s right for you if you try.

Solution 5: Try Cleaning Your Coils

Did you know that you can actually clean your vape coils to a certain extent? Cleaning a coil won’t make it exactly like new, and it won’t cure a burned wick. If coil gunk is the reason why your coils are burning out, though, you may find that a good cleaning adds an extra day or two of life to each coil. Over time, that can translate to massive savings. If you like the convenience of pre-built coils and don’t want to use unsweetened e-liquid, cleaning your coils may be the perfect alternative. To clean a coil, remove it from your tank and place it in a small glass of vodka or another neutral, high-proof alcohol that’s safe to drink. You can also use warm water, but vodka is more effective in dissolving coil gunk. Agitate the glass periodically while soaking the coil for at least 24 hours. After soaking the coil, remove it and rinse it in water. Allow it to dry completely. Don’t forget to prime the wick with e-liquid before using the coil again.


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