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Pod System

What is a POD System?

POD Systems are essentially the middle-ground between your simple gas station vape pen and a $100+ box mod. These ultra-portable systems allow you to enjoy vaping without being intimated or confused by the more advanced 'box mod systems'. Perfect for someone wanting a "buy and use" mod and not having to do any work, just fill the pod and go. 

The fundamental difference between the traditional cartomizer and an ultra-portable POD system is that the POD systems are equipped with cartridges/replacement pods that contain the coil, wick, and the e-juice, in other words it has all the essentials built in. Some pods come pre filled with e-liquid where others such as the iQ units have refillable pods that can be used up to a certain amount of times. 

These portable systems are also more powerful. While a traditional vape pen battery caps out at around 180mAh, ultra-portable devices can reach upwards of 600mAh. 

Perhaps most impressively, POD systems are fairly inexpensive while still maintaining quality. These are an ideal choice for the vaper looking to quit smoking, a salt nicotine vaper, a mouth to lung vaper or just someone wanting to vape without producing a massive cloud.