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When I first started in this industry nearly 8 years ago, I was as about a clueless as I could possibly be.  I’d never smoked, never vaped and never been behind a counter selling either product.  All I knew at the time was that I wished this product had existed when I was a kid so that I could have avoided the secondhand smoke I endured from both of my parents being smokers. The company training me, this company, was extremely particular on three major commandments: Do not sell to anyone under the age of 19 Do not sell to...

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A few weeks ago, the wild spread of misinformation about vaping related illness hit mainstream media and social media.  With the clarification that the problem has stemmed from black-market, low quality THC cartridges finally getting out there, it feels as if the industry is beginning to stabilize.  As a result of poor research being done, the news that vaping products are causing respiratory system problems and that people are dying from vaping scattered to millions of vapers having them question a product they have been successfully been using for years in lieu of combustible cigarettes.  The faith that consumers placed...

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Enacted December 15th, 2010, The Canadian Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA) was put into force with the purpose of protecting the Canadian public from dangers posed by consumer products. By addressing and preventing these dangers on products manufactured in Canada and Imported into Canada from other countries, consumers are able to make informed decisions about the products they buy and the health risks associated with those products. The CCPSA was put into force to replace Part I of the Hazardous Products Act, which received Royal Assent in 1985 and encompasses handling, selling, documentation, and transportation of hazardous products within Canada...

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 2018 was a big year for the Vaping industry in Canada; one which changed the course of e-liquid manufacturing forever. For the first time in Canadian history e-liquids and devices became regulated consumer products, meaning that all retailers, distributors, and manufacturers now had some strict rules to adhere to. For ECTA – The Electronic Cigarette Trade Association of Canada – Preparations for these regulations began back in 2011 with the foundation of their Self-Regulating Organization. ECTA was founded on the principal that consumers should never have to question the integrity or safety of the vape products they purchase. E-Cigarettes were...

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