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When I first started in this industry nearly 8 years ago, I was as about a clueless as I could possibly be.  I’d never smoked, never vaped and never been behind a counter selling either product.  All I knew at the time was that I wished this product had existed when I was a kid so that I could have avoided the secondhand smoke I endured from both of my parents being smokers. The company training me, this company, was extremely particular on three major commandments: Do not sell to anyone under the age of 19 Do not sell to...

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Today at 2pm EST, a Webinar was held by VITA (Vape Industry Trade Association) for manufactures, distributors, importers and retailers.  The session was expected to run for 2 hours but the Q&A session extended that by an additional half an hour.  I felt it would be a good idea to take some key points that I learned from the webinar and share it for anyone who missed the invitation or just wanted some cliff notes.  The initial portion of the presentation gave a lot of details about the structures of VITA, who is involved and how the voting share worked.  This information has...

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On May 23rd 2018, Bill S-5 reached royal assent and Health Canada made a public statement that Vapers, Shop Owners and Manufacturers had been waiting years to see.  Health Canada announced that Canadians now have a legal and safer alternative to Tobacco Cigarettes. The statement was made as the final step of regulations were put into place to keep consumers informed about the products they were purchasing by standardizing labels and regulating certain characteristics of how the bottles are portrayed to reduce the appeal to people of youth.  Although there have been many mixed feelings in the industry about the...

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Over the last couple of months, a lot of questions have been raised regarding the e-cigarette industry because of the outbreak of illicit THC cartridges that injured and even killed users due to vitamin E acetate.  My intention with this article isn’t to beat the dead horse on the subject as the information is already readily available now.  The goal is to showcase something that was released today that I think every shop owner/clerk and individual should take just a few minutes to review. A couple of hours ago, the Vape Industry Trade Association (VITA) released a document in French...

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Recently, a few provinces have proposed that they bypass nationwide e-liquid regulations in favour of their own provincial limitations.  The primary topic that has been discussed in Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Quebec and the Yukon Territories is a flavour ban of e-cigarettes. The proposal of these bans raises a few questions about what the government hopes to accomplish with these new regulations.  Before getting into that though, I’d like to take you back somewhere between 5 and 8 years ago when vaping in Canada was still in its infancy. For those who saw the potential in e-cigarettes; e-liquid was a...

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