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With all the buzz in the news about CBD/THC cartridges being contaminated with Vitamin E Oil, I wanted to take a moment to shed some light on what this substance is, what it’s used for and what it shouldn’t be used for. First off, despite the name, Vitamin E Oil is not a single vitamin; it’s a group of fat-soluble vitamins that have been derived from Vitamin E.  There are many cosmetic uses for the substance that include hydrating skin that can be found in lotions/creams/gels; essentially it is applied directly on the skin.  Although there are several claims about...

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Recent events in the US revolving around injury and death ‘caused by e-cigarettes’ has been hitting the media with click baity article titles and has lead to a great deal of misinformation and instilled fear in both existing users of e-cigarettes as well as those currently looking to transition from cigarettes to a safer alternative.  That subject of safety has been brought into question by the misrepresentation of evidence by media and social posts. Yesterday, DVine Laboratories released an extremely well written article about this exact subject on their facebook page to help demystify the shroud that has been cast...

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When I first got into this industry several years ago, there wasn’t really a question about bottle sizes when it came to e-liquids.  Everything was typically found in 30mL bottles, be it glass or plastic, it was just never a question. Fast forward to today and you can find e-liquids anywhere from 10mL all the way up to 200mL without getting into special orders.  This diversity in bottle formats has created somewhat of a controversial problem from both retail store owners and consumers alike.  Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages across the board, so which is really the ‘best’...

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Back in February, we introduced Kellie Anne Forbes and VAEP, the Vaping Advocacy and Education Project. We were very impressed by how much work she had put into her not-for-profit education corporation, and how much she cares for the vaping community.   Today, I wanted to introduce VAEP’s next development; an online and interactive program called the VAEPology Learning Centre. They have a short video explaining how it works:   So, who is this really for?       Vapers who want to know more about what they’re breathing in     Smokers who are considering the switch and haven’t...

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   When I first entered this industry seven years ago, I knew nothing about vaping.  In fact, I hadn’t even smoked a day in my life.  I was brought into a store as a salesman, taught about the product and sent to the sales floor to do my thing.    One of the topics that hadn’t really entered my mind was the ratio of PG/VG (Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine) in the product.  At that time, we had one house brand we sold in a 30/70 ratio, heavy on the PG.  This made a lot of sense for the hardware...

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