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Frequently Asked Questions

E-Liquid & Vape Information

Health & Safety

I am under the age of 19, can I buy your products?

I have smoked for 20 years, does your product really work?

Is it possible to reduce the nicotine content of the bottles because I want to do it for health reasons?

I recently bought your products and still have a craving for cigarettes. Is this normal?

Are there any side effects when switching from traditional cigarettes to electronic vaporizers?

Quality & Testing

How do I know the nicotine strength it says on the bottle is actually what’s in it?

The color seems different, how can I be sure it is the same flavour?

Usage & Instruction

How should I store my e-liquid?

How do I properly maintain my e-liquid and hardware?

How do I get the taste out of the device, so I can use a different e-liquid?

Is temperature important when I store my e-liquid?

Does vaping create the same smell as traditional cigarettes?

Why does my e-liquid taste burnt?

How long does a wick / coil usually last?


Mailing Lists

What is the "Spin to Win" email list?

Retail Customer Mailing List