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It’s been a couple of weeks since I wrote the article “The Word Is Getting Out There” where we started to see the trend move back in the direction of what it once was before all of the misinformation about contaminated THC cartridges were falsely associated with e-liquid.  After seeing the growth and interest rise again in the e-cigarette market, I’m am finding myself more confident that previous smokers and vapers are finding the answers they need to make informed and factual decisions. Most of our clients are aware now that the FDA and CDC confirmed the respiratory cases that...

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In the last 18 months, our catalogue went from 80 unique flavours to nearly 1000 from all over the world.  We completely understand that some vapers have ‘found their flavour’ and that is perfectly ok to continue with your tried, tested and true.  The target for the article is to specifically for the vapers who like to constantly try something new or the beginners who are trying to find their first flavour. Our new “Fast Flavour Finder” allows you to search various fields to really narrow down to exactly what you are looking for.  You can use this new tool...

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Back in mid-February this year, I published an article about all the different Blue Slushies/Blue Raspberry e-Liquids we have available (https://www.truenorthvapor.com/blogs/news/blue-slushy-vs-blue-raspberry-etc).  The purpose of the article at the time was to showcase that despite taste being very subjective, there are very clearly some popular flavours that the general public tends to statistically gravitate towards.  Each of the examples listed in that article all had something just a little bit different that set them apart, but the foundation of the flavour was the same. About a month ago, Gold Seal E-Liquid launched a new flavour both in 30 and 60mL called...

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Salt Nic e-liquid has taken the vaping world by storm and has solidified itself as a must-have item on the shelves of nearly all specialty vape shops and even local convenience stores. Almost every classic line of freebase e-liquid has been adapted into salt nic form. For some vapers, the swell of popularity seemed to come out of nowhere, but vape vets have recognized the term for years. So, what's the deal with salt nic? What is it, and why has it become so popular that even the most avid sub-ohm vapers are making the switch? We address, explain and...

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