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What are MTL Tanks?

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What are MTL Tanks?

Replacing one habit for another can seem like a step in the wrong direction. But many people have turned to vape to cut back on carcinogenic chemicals entering their bodies and have found moderate to substantial success in doing so with the proper recommendations. It can be difficult to pinpoint the right product for a customer looking to make these transitions. A beginner vape might seem too weak, a pod system too tricky and a sub-ohm device overkill. So what do we do when faced with a picky vaper and the need for power but not too much power? The answer could be one of the many overlooked MTL (mouth-to-lung) atomizers available. The middle of the road never hit so smooth!


The difference lies in a combination of airflow, coil wattage range and cloud production.


MTL atomizers do not produce the heavy clouds of vapour we're used to seeing from a sub-ohm tank. This is because the coils have a higher ohm rating which uses less wattage (less wattage, less cloud). At lower wattage ranges, vaping e-liquid with higher nicotine content feels smoother and more manageable, almost like the sticks you're trying to stop lighting! The results are a hotter throat hit and a more likened experience to what you're trying to recreate.


The restricted airflow in these tanks prevents you from drawing too much air too fast, which doesn't replicate the sensation we're after. With less airflow, you're forced to draw harder and steadier. This technology is paired with a narrow mouthpiece and voila, you have concentrated flavour and a more defined hit!


Another pro to using an MTL tank is the customization options greatly increase. They're often seen as an upgrade from a pod system or a beginner kit because you can choose different mods to suit your needs. Whether it's rechargeable, single-battery, dual-battery or more; gone might be the days of small batteries suddenly dying.

Mouth-to-lung tanks tend to have fewer issues with leaking e-liquid because of the smaller ports in the coils and tighter airflow valves. That isn't to say you will never experience leaking, but it's much less disastrous than a 5mL+ sub-ohm tank!


Below is a list of our top-selling MTL atomizers!


  1. Aspire Nautilus X
  2. Innokin Zlide
  3. Uwell Whirl
  4. HorizonTech Magico


Written by Jamie Porto

True North Vapor, Front of House


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