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TNV's Top Underrated Flavours of 2019

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TNV's Top Underrated Flavours of 2019

For those of you that don’t already know, True North Vapor has well over 100 brands of e-liquid (approximately 110 brands in the retail store, as well). Even if we average each brand at 3 flavours — we’re not fooling anyone here, it’s much more than that — it still works out to over 300 individual options from anyone to beginners, to sub-ohm vapers, to salt nic fans.  That’s a hefty basket of options for anybody who has set foot in a vape shop. There are dozens of fruity mixtures, rich desserts, sweet candies, tobacco blends, and creamy custards to choose from, which can make selecting a flavour difficult. 


It’s easy to overlook some flavours in the grand scheme, so we wanted to shed a spotlight on some of our top underrated flavours. These are some of the hidden treasures in our trove of endless opportunities, and they’ve been right under your nose the whole time. Who knows, you might just find your new favourite!


Carousel - Dreamland, available in 60mL bottles


Sweet vanilla ice cream swirled with fresh berry sauce and topped with bananas. This flavour brings us back to our childhoods when a banana split after dinner on a hot day was the most decadent experience of our lives! Now we can relive those years without the extra calories!


Peardrizzle - Tear Drip Juice Co. available in 60mL bottles


When we put this warm baked pear and sticky caramel e-liquid in our tanks, we can hardly stop ourselves from draining them in one sitting. We’ve heard of caramel apple plenty of times before, but pear gives is a whole new take on the sweetness that we didn’t know we needed! The gooeyness perfectly compliments a burst of pear on every hit. That’s why we’ve included this winner on our list of underrated flavours that you need to try.


Eveningstar - Shaman, available in 120mL bottles


Sweet nectarine dancing around in a pool of fresh cucumber water. It’s a delicious cleanse for your palate. The cukes hit light and fresh, while the tang of the nectarine rounds out this perfect vape for anyone looking to try something lighter on the sugar. Is it weird that we want to bathe in this e-liquid?


Supercharge - Double Comma Vapes, available in 60mL bottles


A perfect coffee flavour is difficult to come across. Supercharge hits every mark with deep espresso, rich vanilla cream, ice and a drizzle of caramel sauce to get you jolted for the day. Who says you can’t have iced coffee all year round?


Cherimoya - Ultra Original, available in 60mL bottles


They don’t say it’s the most delicious fruit known to man for no reason. A rare fruit flavour, you can detect hints of banana, strawberry, pineapple, peach, and perhaps a little bit of magic. There’s no fruit blend quite like Cherimoya! Try this one out for a truly unique vaping experience!


Green - Goody Man by Keep it 100, available in 60mL bottles


A delicious, creamy, tangy blend of green fruits into a taffy that reminds us of our favourite chewy candy. Is it a fruit? Is it a candy? Trick question. It’s both, and it’s amazing. 


Sex on the Beach - La Cantina, available in 60mL bottles


You can have it all! Peach, orange and cranberry all shaken up with a hint of vodka naughtiness! All that’s missing is a cherry on top, and you have a beloved fruit cocktail that reminds us of summer days and warm sun. As the winter months approach, we’ve been trying to keep our feet in the sand by vaping flavours that take us away on vacation. This is a refreshing drink that will have you craving another round!


Main St. - Route 66, available in 120mL bottles


Warm, cinnamon-baked apples nestled in a flaky crust. Sorry, is your mouth watering for apple pie? Look no further than this all-American classic dessert! Nothing hits the spot like a delectable pie that reminds us of grandmother’s kitchen. Yummy! With 120 millilitres, you won’t have to worry about leaving enough for everyone else. This one’s all yours!


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