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The Sequels - T18 II

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The Sequels - T18 II

The Sequels... We check out the second versions of classic vape hardware and compare them against their predecessors!


Innokin Endura T18... The Sequel.


Much like in the world of electronic devices, the vaping industry is always coming out with updated versions of old classics. We get excited about new and improved devices, but we don't always know what the difference is or what makes it better. All we know is that it's new and shiny and we want it! It's not always glaringly obvious what the major contrasts are and what key features make a new device worth the purchase. It can leave customers scratching their heads and unsure if the investment is worth the pay-off! This series provides some useful insight into the differences between staple vape hardware and their revered sequels, or versions 2.0.


Take the Innokin Endura T18 as our first contender. This beginner kit was released in 2014 and still sells 5 years later. A device holding relevance for that amount of time is no small feat in the vape world. I credit my own success with vaping solely to this holy grail of a device and have turned dozens of people onto it for its ease of use, durability and reliability. In my eyes, the T18 was the perfect beginner vape. It wasn't too big or too small. The coils had no pesky threading to speak of. It turned on with 3 clicks instead of the more standard 5 clicks and let you know via a bright LED light where your battery life was, so you were never caught unaware with a dead battery in hand. 


When the Endura T18 II came out, I was already prepared to jump on the bandwagon. The improvements on the sequel were enough to justify only a slightly higher price tag and clever enough to impress the solid crowd of regular T18 users that I had established.


With a magnetized drip tip cap, previously non-existent 4-point adjustable airflow, a brand new wattage selection (10.5W, 12W, and 13.5W), a 1300 mAh battery (the original was only 1000 mAh), I knew quickly and without a reasonable doubt that loyal fans wouldn't think twice about upgrading when it came down to it. But the biggest bonus to this device was that it takes the exact same coils as the original... Something we don't see enough in the vape industry!


All in all, this was a sequel that did not let down. The Endura t18 II is a prime example of a company taking a great product and making it much better without learning curves and purposeful solutions to past minor peeves.


Written by: JL Porto

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