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The Mystery Box

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The Mystery Box

A few days ago, we added a new item to our website that we were unsure of how well it would be received.  One of the challenges of offering nearly 1000 unique e-liquid flavours falls to the consumer who is choosing which one or two they should purchase.  With so many options available, how does someone reasonable make a confident purchase?


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Enter the Mystery Box.  What we’ve created is an extremely affordable way to try an array of products that fit within a specified category.  This takes a lot of guess work and risk out of the equation when a vaper is looking for something new; they need only specify if they want 10, 25 or 50 bottles, what strength they vape and point us in the right direction for flavour profiles (ie: Tobacco, Fruit, Desserts, etc).

From that point, we create a random box with a little of everything.  In fact, if you’ve ordered from us in the past, we’ll even take your previous orders into consideration when creating your custom box.  Although this does make things a little ‘less random’, it’s likely that there will be more flavours within the box that suit your personal preference than if it was simply random.

We were overwhelmed with how well this idea was received and have packed way more mystery boxes that we expected.  We’re really looking forward to hear what customers say when they receive their packages.


Tim Howey

General Manager

True North Vapor


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