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The 7 E-Liquid Flavors You Need to Try Now

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The 7 E-Liquid Flavors You Need to Try Now

Every person who vapes has his or her favorite e-liquids, and you likely have a few flavors that you consistently buy when you order vape juice. The best thing about e-liquid, though, is that there is absolutely no limit to the range of flavors that juice makers can create – so you should never allow yourself to fall into a rut. There might be hundreds of different e-liquid flavors in the world today, and e-liquid makers still haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of what’s possible. Next year, the whole world will be raving about some flavor profile that doesn’t even exist today. So, how many new e-liquid flavors have you tried this year? If you answered “none,” it’s time to broaden your horizons a bit. These are the 7 e-liquid flavors you need to try right now.

Custard E-Liquid

Custard vape juice has evolved into something of an art form among e-liquid makers. Custard aficionados love the flavor profile’s notes of egg, vanilla and cream, and they’ll try just about every custard e-liquid on the market in their attempts to find the one vape juice with absolutely perfect balance. Having created great custard bases, some e-liquid makers go even further by adding notes of cookies, ice cream or fresh berries. If you haven’t experienced a custard e-liquid yet, it’s a flavor profile that you absolutely must try. For many people, custard vape juice strikes the perfect balance between sweet, savory and creamy notes.

These are some of our favorite custard e-liquids.

Lemon E-Liquid

Do you like sweetened e-liquids? If you do, lemon is a flavor note that you definitely need to try. Back in the days before sweeteners became popular in vape juice, lemon was typically a flavor to avoid because it tended to taste like furniture polish. Today, sweeteners have changed lemon e-liquid into something completely different. Sweetened a little and combined with notes like custard and pastry, a lemon e-liquid can be a perfect change of pace from your usual strawberry and blue raspberry fare. We love the lemon e-liquids that cut through the sucralose with a touch of sourness. Lemon e-liquids are some of the most balanced vape juice flavors on the market.

These are some of our favorite lemon e-liquids.

Tobacco E-Liquid

“Wait,” you’re probably saying, “I’ve definitely had tobacco e-liquid before.” In our opinion, though, you haven’t really experienced tobacco e-liquid if the only one you’ve ever tried came with your first e-cigarette. Those little “tobacco” cartridges that come with the cigalikes at your local gas station taste nothing like the tobacco e-liquids of today. You probably tried one of those cartridges, were disgusted by the chemical flavor and went directly to another flavor with a sweet-sounding name. If you still crave tobacco from time to time, we encourage you to try a modern tobacco e-liquid. With a wide array of diverse tobacco vape juices available, you’re almost certain to find something you enjoy.

These are some of our favorite tobacco e-liquids.

Cold E-Liquid

If you think that tobacco e-liquids have changed over the years, wait until you see what the e-liquid makers of the world have done with menthol e-liquids. For starters, many “menthol” e-liquids don’t even contain menthol anymore. Have you ever noticed the powerfully medicinal flavor that menthol can add to an e-liquid? Today, e-liquid makers are using other cooling agents that can make an e-liquid feel chilly in the mouth and throat without changing its flavor so dramatically. Today’s cooling agents have made it possible to create e-liquids with believable slush, ice cream and soda flavors. You’ve got to try one.

These are some of our favorite cold e-liquids.

Bakery E-Liquid

E-liquid has done nothing but increase in complexity over the years, and you can see that simply by looking at the flavor profiles that have been popular as time has gone by. The vaping industry began with tobacco and menthol flavors before graduating to fruits. Those remained popular for a while until e-liquid makers perfected their candy and soda flavors. Today, vape juice companies are drawing their inspiration from the culinary world and creating e-liquids that taste like amazingly realistic baked goods. If flavor notes like pastry flour, brown sugar and butter appeal to you, a few bakery e-liquids definitely belong on your must-try list.

These are some of our favorite bakery e-liquids.

Cereal E-Liquid

If sweetened cereal is your favorite guilty pleasure, you’re going to love what today’s e-liquid makers have done with cereal flavors. Whether you like fruity loops, marshmallows, graham cracker cereal or something else, you’re certain to find an e-liquid that captures your favorite cereal flavor perfectly. The best part is that modern vape juice companies have actually managed to capture the more complex flavors of cereal such as the notes of toasted wheat and corn. Even better, many cereal e-liquids include deliciously creamy milk flavors.

These are some of our favorite cereal e-liquids.

Milk E-Liquid

If there’s one universal truth in the vaping industry, it’s that almost everyone loves the flavors of cream and milk. If you don’t believe us, just look at the flavor profiles in any e-liquid company’s lineup. You’ll find cookies and milk, cereal and milk, milkshakes, berries and cream and so much more. Milk and cream aren’t often used on their own as e-liquid flavors, but they can add a wonderful richness to almost any flavor profile.

These are some of our favorite milk e-liquids.




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