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Pod Systems – The Pros and Cons

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Pod Systems – The Pros and Cons

With pod systems like Juul, Stlth, Vype and many others on the market today, how do you feel about where the industry seems to be heading?  There are a lot of valid points that can be made both for and against these systems, but the reality is that it all varies from user to user.

Regardless of the brand, pod systems offer simplicity and convenience beyond every other system on the market today.  For some people, this is really the only option in order to switch from cigarettes due to the many challenges that can occur with systems that are user filled.  Sometimes it’s not even the complexity of filling a tank, but perhaps the inability.  Consider a person with arthritis having a difficult time squeezing a bottle or that maybe has uncontrollable shakes; pod systems make vaping a possibility for these individuals.

From the opposite side of the argument, what is happening to all these non-refillable pods upon consumption of their contents?  Seeing all of these empty pods in a landfill next to all of the k-cups is a pretty sore point for any environmentalist to think about.  What about the cost?  Typically speaking, a pack of 4 pods filled with 1mL or less of liquid runs around the same cost as a 30mL bottle of the same product.  All the money is tied up in the packaging and technology that the valuable part is reduced by more than 7 times.

There is a middle ground option available for some devices though.  J-Pods, for example, are an empty pod system that can be filled between 4 and 10 times depending on the duration and frequency in which a person hauls on the device.  This finds a nice middle ground between total cost of the product and reduces the number of pods ending up in the garbage but does nothing for the convenience aspect.  It also lets a customer who has been using the same pod system that is tired of the flavours choose their own flavour to vape.

There truly is a lot to consider when looking at pod systems.  Ultimately, the answer is entirely different for each user.  For those who find this helpful, here is a point form breakdown of the pros and cons.


  • Simple and Convenient
  • Highly accessible, being sold in many convenience stores and gas stations
  • Takes the guess work out of the hardware
  • Minimal leaking issues
  • Often quite small and easy to carry


  • Locked into that specific device and flavour options unless you’re willing to buy new hardware or purchase refillable and compatible versions
  • Little to no control over temperature or wattage
  • Has a significant carbon footprint
  • Cost/mL is much higher than the alternative
  • Significantly smaller flavour selection


Tim Howey

General Manager

True North Vapor


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