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Nicotine Cap - Coming Into Effect

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Nicotine Cap - Coming Into Effect

If you currently vape anything higher than 20mg/mL, this article directly affects you.

Back in December, it was proposed that e-liquids above 20mg/mL should be banned as a way to curb youth vaping.  Since then, the industry has been quite aware that this was likely to come into effect, we just didn't know when and how long we would have to comply.

We have recently received news that July 8th of 2021 will be the date that the new regulation comes into effect and that retailers would be given 15 days to sell through their existing stock.  This means that after July 23rd, we will no longer be carrying e-liquid in excess of 20mg/mL.

If you have friends and family that vape, we would ask that you share this information with them.  We know some vapers will be able to adapt to the 20mg/mL cap by vaping at a higher wattage or simply vaping more until they can adjust to the lower concentration.  Others who are vaping at really high concentration may want the opportunity to stockpile some product while they make the transition more gradual.



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