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Company Feature: Part 4 – Smile ‘N Vape

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Company Feature: Part 4 – Smile ‘N Vape

Last spring, I had the pleasure of meeting Ari Mosaffa from Smile ‘N Vape based out of Quebec.  He made the long trip to Brantford, Ontario to see our warehouse and meet with us.  I’m sure he had other people to meet in the area but something about how he conducted his business made it feel like he made the trip just to see us.

At that point in time, we had 90mL glass bottles of Get Saucy Applesauce that was brought in by my predecessor but with Bill S-5 bringing CCCR-2001 regulations into effect for e-liquid, I had little chance to see his product perform personally.

One thing I can say about Ari is that he is extremely passionate about the products he brings to the industry.  Applesauce from the Get Saucy line goes through a rigorous process compared to most e-liquids; although it costs more to produce, it’s a product that his team is extremely proud of and with good reason!


Since meeting with Ari last Spring, we have brought in the full Smile ‘N Vape lines as well as the new 100mL Get Saucy and a Salt Nic version of the famous Applesauce.  If you’ve tried other apple flavours before and felt they didn’t quite hit the mark, I would suggest giving this product a try.  Additionally, if you’re at a vape convention and happen to be lucky enough to meet Ari, take the time to shake his hand and figure out what makes him tick.


Tim Howey

General Manager

True North Vapor



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