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Company Feature: Part 6 – Space Jam

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Company Feature: Part 6 – Space Jam

Almost a year ago, True North Vapor decided to bring in our first international brand ever.  At this point in time, bringing nicotine products across the border was a headache and not even assured to arrive.  The CEO here had the clever idea to import only concentrate and have the product bottled here in Canada to the exact specifications of the brand owners.  Using this method, we were able to launch Space Jam; a brand sold in 40+ countries at the time and had already had traction here in Canada.

Based out of California, the team at Space Jam take on a level of professionalism rarely seen in this industry.  While creating Canadian compliant labels, their team took pride in their brand right down to the positioning of certain elements by mere pixels.  It’s a sense of care we have grown to respect from the company; after all, if that much attention to detail is put forth in the label, imagine how uniquely perfect that product inside is!

Flash forward to today where my primary contact is Ben Petree.  Ben worked with Space Jam years ago and recently returned to the international sales team.  Because of the work put forth by Ben, Canadians can now enjoy not only the original five flavours from Space Jam, but an additional six new flavours as well as six new salt nic options.  Did I forget to mention…. at a new lower price as well!

The new roster features a Sour Apple flavour (Electrolar), Blue Raspberry Lemonade (Moonfire), a Mango Orange and Strawberry mix (Pyxis), Caramel Apple (Starcloud), Cavendish Tobacco and Vanilla (Eclipse) and a tropical blend of Pineapple, Banana, Strawberry and Coconut (Curiosity). Not only that, but these flavours are all available in their new Salt Nic line too.

With a whole new lineup of flavours, brand new labels and at a price that is down to earth; Space Jam is simply out of this world!

Tim Howey

General Manager

True North Vapor



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