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Company Feature: Part 11 – Japello’s

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Company Feature: Part 11 – Japello’s

Several months ago, the owner of True North Vapor (Jeff) and myself had the opportunity to meet with the managers and owners of Forest City Vape based in London, Ontario.  It’s very refreshing to sit at a board room table with so many like minded people who are so passionate about this industry and just want to see it grow for the betterment of all vapers across the country.

Peter is a phenomenal leader with a vision of growth that is nothing short of inspiring.  In many ways, he reminds me of Jeff; not just the goals but the way in which he achieves them is unbelievably familiar.  Touring his facility was quite a treat for me as well since they have multiple businesses running out of the same building.  One of those businesses is manufacturing custom cabinetry, which is something I’ve personally taken a passion in over the couple of years.

Peter’s team is nothing short of amazing as well.  My two primary points of contact (Josh and T-Jay) have been extremely supportive with us bringing Japello’s into our catalogue.  Japello’s is one of those brands that is really hard to step into a vape shop and not see it available on their shelf.  It’s really not surprising either since that line is extremely unique in what it offers overall.  There are flavour crafters who make really good flavours, and then there is Japello’s that takes the risks, steps outside of the comfort zone and knocks it out of the park.

Personally, “Corn Bread” is something I want to eat and couldn’t consider vaping it…. Until I tried it.  I envisioned it to be a savory flavour, which traditionally speaking is a bad idea (I remember a bacon flavour and I have a mild case of PTSD from it).  However, this one takes the natural sweetness in cornbread and builds what I would consider to be an amazing ‘all day vape’.

I’m getting off track here and should probably leave the product reviews to Lisa, but the point still stands; this lineup has just a little bit of everything from “Sweet Leaf” that won the best tobacco award at CVE Edmonton to “Root Cellar” that tugs at my childhood nostalgia of an ice cold root beer.  Japello’s has a little something for everyone.

When a line up like this comes around, it only makes sense to make the product available in a larger bottle format.  Often the objection to purchasing a large bottle is “What if I don’t like it?”.  If anyone was actually saying that after trying Japello’s, then you probably wouldn’t be seeing their product in so many shops across the country.  So if you’re looking to support a Canadian brand as well as the people who are making every effort to make this industry the best it can be, give Japello’s a shot.


Tim Howey

General Manager

True North Vapor


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