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Choose Compliance with ECTA

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Choose Compliance with ECTA

 2018 was a big year for the Vaping industry in Canada; one which changed the course of e-liquid manufacturing forever. For the first time in Canadian history e-liquids and devices became regulated consumer products, meaning that all retailers, distributors, and manufacturers now had some strict rules to adhere to. For ECTA – The Electronic Cigarette Trade Association of Canada – Preparations for these regulations began back in 2011 with the foundation of their Self-Regulating Organization.

ECTA was founded on the principal that consumers should never have to question the integrity or safety of the vape products they purchase. E-Cigarettes were introduced to provide a safer alternative to smoking, but by failing to control the quality of ingredients, manufacturing conditions, and hazard identifications on products, members agreed a disservice was being done to those who were putting their faith and health in the hands of the vaping community. Thus, the ECTA standard was born.

It didn’t take long for health Canada to catch up with their regulations for this emerging industry, and so in October of 2017 the ECTA standard was expanded to include the pending Bill-S5 legislation, including the Canadian Consumer Product Regulations (CCPSA) and the Consumer Chemicals and Containers Regulations (CCCR 2001). Members are monitored through bi-annual audits that offer assistance in identifying, addressing, and correcting problems which are directly related to consumer safety.  Audits and compliance tools have been tailored to exceed the expectations of Health Canada for consumer products and continue to offer members that same credibility that has been so highly regarded for years.

Today ECTA focuses on the continual development of tools and education platforms to help members better understand the federal and provincial regulations in Canada. With the federal legislation settling, a special focus is being taken on individual provinces and the specific rules surrounding vaping indoors and in public areas, advertising, and branding elements appealing to children. The goal is to create a system which will help Vendors understand their rights and responsibilities in their region and provide contact information for questions ECTA may not be able to answer directly. This system is especially important for entrepreneurs looking to start their own E-Cigarette company, with all the information they need in one place it makes it easier to hit the ground running.

When I first joined ECTA I was astonished at the work put in to ensuring their members received the most up to date and detailed information they could possibly get. ECTA is not in the business of selling, manufacturing, or distributing e-liquid but rather is an industry wide body working to ensure the correct legal and regulatory frameworks are applied to electronic cigarette products. They are a group of passionate people who have had their lives changed through vaping, and now dedicate their time to providing information to vapers and smokers alike so they may make an educated decision about tobacco alternatives. I am happy to continue working with them, and excited to see where they go next.


~R. Longwell



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