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XVape Vista Vaporizer Kit

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It is known to be the next generation in the world of e-nails. The quality is superior and it is operated with battery, making it a portable device. You can readily use it with 14mm or 118mmm male/female glass water pipe.

VISTA has the internally heated all quartz element featuring four different temperature settings. It does not matter if you are looking for low or high heat preference, you will have it all. The e-nail will just dab in 5 seconds. It comes with the 2900mAh battery capacity. The pass-through charging lets you continue the fun even if the battery goes low.


  • 2900mAh lithium Polymer battery
  • 5v charging voltage and 500mAh current
  • 3 to 4.2 working voltage
  • Click on/off button
  • LED light flashes rapidly 10 times for low battery indication
  • 20 seconds time for each click
  • Short circuit protection

You will find:

  • Base stand
  • Straight glass tube top
  • Top cap/crab
  • Main VISTA battery & control unit
  • 2 Quartz heating elements
  • Dab tool
  • Addition rubber gasket sets
  • USB cable
  • AC wall charger adapter