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3 Barrel Slushy Machine

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  • $3,000.00

The 3 Barrel Slushy is made from high quality strong plastic and can be utilised to dispense a variety of beverages including Slushy, Frozen Cocktails, Fruit Juices, Smoothies and much more. 


Each barrel will hold 10.5 litres of finished product and are suitable for commercial use. Each Machine will feature:

  • Mechanical temperature controller.
  • LED Light on the top cover.
  • Keep fresh system, maintains safe product temperature in the cooling cylinder during long no-use periods.
  • Electromagnetic transmission shaft, Electronic auto control, famous foreign compressor.
  • Low noise, Air cooling, High Capacity with low Power.
  • High strength and nonpoisonous freezing tank, Acid, alkali and low temperature resistant.
  • Dual beater mixing system to prevent"ice jam".
  • 8.PC (Polycarbonate) material bowl is high/ low temperature resistance, unbreakable, inoxious,anti-fouling,good flexibility and removable.
  • Can both used as slush machine and juice machine.