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YouTube and the Future

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YouTube and the Future

Many of you reading this right now are probably already aware that we’ve been building a YouTube channel with a series called “Vaping With Lisa”.  If this is news to you, I would invite you to check it out here (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJn81JnG3ksxDuJPC9s90_Q).

In this series, Lisa strives to provide a point of view that is both relatable and informative of different juices from around the world that are now available in Canada.  Each juice is rated based on taste, label design, cloud production and overall experience.  The concept is to provide a platform that educates what a flavour is like as well as who is most likely to enjoy it.  With taste being extremely subjective, this is a rare feature provided by e-liquid reviewers, who tend to gravitate towards only flavours they would enjoy, or by not providing an objective and unbiased opinion on the ones they do not enjoy.

The comment section has been immensely educational for us our format has adjusted as videos are being shot.  I’d like to thank all our viewers for providing this valuable feedback as it will only help to better the quality of the videos in the future.

If you haven’t had a chance to meet Lisa, check out the “Vaping With Lisa” series.  If you’re looking for a great laugh, the blooper videos are hilarious.

As our channel continues to grow, we’ll be adding several new series on that channel, including our latest sponsorship, Turc, the League of Legends legend.  For any LoL fans out there, come check out some footage of some highly competitive gameplay and cheer on your fellow Canadian.

So much more is planned for the future and we’re extremely grateful to all of our current subscribers.  We look forward to providing more fun and unique content.


Tim Howey

General Manager

True North Vapor


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