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XMAX Vital Vaporizer Cleaning Guide

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XMAX Vital Vaporizer Cleaning Guide

When you use your XMAX Vital Vaporizer, you enjoy the flavor and performance benefits that can only come from using a dry herb vaporizer with an all-ceramic oven and full digital temperature control. The more completely your vaporizer extracts the goodness from your herbs, though, the more sticky, dark resins you’ll find left behind in your device’s oven after your vaping sessions. If you’re a daily vaper, you’ll need to clean your XMAX Vital every week or two to keep the flavors pure and clear the screens of obstructions. Thankfully, the Vital is one of the easiest vapes on the market to clean. This is a task that you can take care of in minutes – and you’ll find a few tips in this XMAX Vital cleaning guide that can make the job even simpler. Let’s begin!

Cleaning the XMAX Vital Vaporizer: What You’ll Need

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Cotton swabs
  • Bowl or glass
  • Dab tool or pick
  • Replacement screens (optional; buy your replacement mouthpiece screens and bowl screens right here)

Cleaning the XMAX Vital’s Removable Components

Begin by filling your bowl or glass with rubbing alcohol. The sticky resins that have collected on your XMAX Vital’s components are alcohol soluble. The alcohol dissolves the resins, and anything remaining on the vaporizer’s components after a good soak will rinse away easily in the sink.

Remove the mouthpiece of the XMAX Vital by lifting it away from the battery portion of the vaporizer as you do when filling the oven. Remove the screen from the mouthpiece. If you have difficulty taking the screen out with your fingers, break a cotton swab in half. Push the stick end of a half cotton swab through the opening at the top of the mouthpiece. The screen pops out the bottom. If you’re going to install a new screen, you can throw the old screen away. Otherwise, place the screen and mouthpiece in the alcohol.

Empty the oven of the XMAX Vital if you haven’t done so already. Remove the screen by lifting it out with a pick or dab tool. As with the mouthpiece screen, you can simply throw the old screen away if you plan to replace it. If you’re keeping the screen, place it in the alcohol.

One of the beautiful aspects of the XMAX Vital is its extremely simple design; the only removable components that you need to clean are the mouthpiece and the two screens – and you don’t even need to clean the screens if you’d rather discard and replace them. How easy is that?

If you’re reusing your screens – and they are extremely dirty – you may need to soak them in the alcohol for several hours to dissolve the resins completely. The mouthpiece, however, should require only a few minutes of soaking. After giving the alcohol some time to cut through the residue on the screens and mouthpiece, you can remove the items from the alcohol and rinse them in the sink. Dry the components with paper towels. Discard the alcohol when you’re done cleaning your device.

Cleaning the XMAX Vital’s Oven

Cleaning the removable components of the XMAX Vital is simplicity itself – and that’s a good thing because when you’re cleaning this device, you’re going to spend the majority of your time in the oven. As with any other vaporizer – particularly those using conduction heating – the oven of the XMAX Vital will have a thick layer of dark resin after a week or two of regular use. The resin can be so sticky that rubbing it off is virtually impossible, so we’re going to use alcohol to dissolve it. You may also find a pick or dab tool helpful.

NOTE: Cleaning the ceramic oven of the XMAX Vital will restore much of its original white color. However, some permanent discoloration is normal in the oven of any vaporizer. It doesn’t affect the device’s performance.

Turn your attention to the oven of your XMAX Vital while the mouthpiece and screens are soaking in the alcohol. Dip a cotton swab in the alcohol and tap it on the side of the bowl a few times to shake out the excess liquid. While you do need to use some alcohol to loosen the resins in the vaporizer’s oven, you don’t want to use so much alcohol that liquid begins to seep into the device’s internal electronics. Use just enough alcohol to get the resin layer thoroughly wet.

Rub the cotton swab around the interior of your vaporizer’s oven. As you do that, you’ll find that the tip of the cotton swab starts to become dark as the original white color of the oven begins to return. Discard the dirty cotton swab and repeat. If you haven’t cleaned your XMAX Vital in a while, you may notice that some sections of the oven have very thick layers of resin that don’t rub off easily. After getting those areas wet with alcohol, you can scrape the resin away with a pick or dab tool. After you’ve done that, continue rubbing the oven with alcohol-soaked cotton swabs until the swabs come out clean. Finish by rubbing the oven with a dry cotton swab to absorb any excess alcohol. You can discard the used rubbing alcohol at this point. Before continuing, ensure that the vaporizer’s oven and removable components are as dry as possible.

Preparing the XMAX Vital for Use

It’s time to reassemble the XMAX Vital. Push the screens back into the oven and mouthpiece. Replace a screen by placing it over the opening and pushing the edges down gently with a pick or dab tool. Avoid pushing the middle of the screen as doing so could deform it. If a screen does deform, simply remove it and flatten it between your finger and thumb. Replace the mouthpiece.

Before using your XMAX Vital again, turn it on and run it at the maximum temperature for a few minutes to evaporate any alcohol remaining in the oven. Once the oven has cooled completely, the device is ready to use again.


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