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Why Do People Buy Mechanical Mods?

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Why Do People Buy Mechanical Mods?

The users themselves have long been among the greatest sources of innovation in the vaping industry, and the mechanical mod is among the most important of the community’s innovations. Do you think that the typical cigarette-shaped e-cigarette offers a mediocre vaping experience? That’s nothing compared to what was available a decade ago. In those days, vapers had to deal with tiny batteries that never delivered enough power – when they did work at all – and hollow plastic cartridges filled with sponges that occasionally melted during use. To get around the cartridge problem, the community invented dripping – and to get around the battery problem, the community invented mechanical mods.

Mechanical mods eventually became so desired that people formed companies to build and distribute them. You can still buy a mechanical mod for yourself today, and many people choose to do just that. Is a mech mod the right choice for you? Let’s learn more about why people buy mechanical mods. We’ll also spend a bit of time discussing their drawbacks. When you’re done reading, you should have a good idea of whether a mechanical mod is the right choice for you.

What Are Mechanical Mods?

A mechanical mod is a vaping device without electronic components. A mechanical mod usually has a fire button on the bottom. When you press the button, a metal pin pushes against the bottom of the battery and completes a circuit, causing the atomizer to fire. With a standard vaping device, on the other hand, electronic components handle safety monitoring and control the power output of the battery.

The first mechanical mods were made by at-home hobbyists with access to lathes and other machining equipment. They were often adapted from flashlights that used rechargeable 18650 batteries. That’s why the 18650 cell eventually became the most popular battery for vaping. While some people do still build their own mechanical mods, it’s also possible to simply buy a factory-made mech mod that’s ready to use.

Why Do People Still Buy Mechanical Mods?

The mechanical mod began life as the solution to a real problem: The vaping devices available then simply weren’t good enough. Today, though, you can find advanced regulated vape mods to suit absolutely any taste. So, why do people still buy mechanical mods if regulated mods are so obviously better? It turns out that regulated mods aren’t strictly better than mech mods in every respect.

Mechanical Mods Fire Instantly

Have you ever heard someone say that mechanical mods “hit harder” than regulated mods? What they’re referring to is the fact that a mech mod fires with absolutely no delay when you press the button. With a regulated mod, on the other hand, the electronic components introduce a split-second delay before the atomizer actually fires. In recent years, vaping product manufacturers have improved the chipsets for their regulated mods to make the firing delay shorter and less noticeable than ever. Nevertheless, mechanical mods are still faster to activate.

Mechanical Mods Can Last Forever

The more parts a product has, the more likely the eventual failure of that product becomes. Think about all of the things that can go wrong in a regulated mod. The charging port can break. The display can stop working. The fire button can stop responding. The chipset can suddenly fail. Any one of those problems can render the entire device useless. A mechanical mod, on the other hand, has no parts that can fail aside from the button – and even that is extremely unlikely to ever happen. If the button on a mechanical mod does fail, you can always replace it. Aside from catastrophic physical damage, there is almost nothing that can make a mechanical mod stop working.

The exceptional durability of mechanical mods means that if you buy a mech mod, you’ll no longer have to worry about your vaping device failing without warning. As long as you have spare batteries available, you’re good to go. Some people also own mech mods as insurance against government regulations. If regulations should ever make vaping devices difficult to buy, that won’t matter because you’ll already have a vaping device that can last forever. Vaping regulations will not take away your ability to buy batteries, and you can always make your own e-liquid.

Mechanical Mods Have Two Major Drawbacks

Up to this point, we’ve discussed the benefits of mechanical mods at length. If mechanical mods were actually better than regulated mods in every way, though, there’d be no reason for regulated mods to exist. Let’s learn about the two reasons why you might not want to buy a mechanical mod.

Mechanical Mods Lack Variable Power

One of the benefits of using a regulated mod is that you can tweak the wattage of your device for the best possible performance with the tank or atomizer you’re using. You can’t do that with a mechanical mod; you’ll always get the battery’s full available voltage. When you use a mechanical mod, you must either build your own coils or choose a tank that works well at up to 4.2 volts. In that sense, it’s fair to say that mechanical mods are less flexible than regulated mods. A mechanical mod also lacks advanced features such as temperature control and custom wattage curves.

Mechanical Mods Have No Safety Features

The most important reason why you might not want to buy a mechanical mod is because mech mods have absolutely no safety features. When you buy a regulated mod, you know that you’re getting protection from short circuits, overheating, unsafe currents, low battery voltage and more. With a mechanical mod, though, you get none of those things. You’ll need to test your own coils for short circuits. You’ll need to check the voltage of your own battery. You’ll need to ensure your battery can handle the current that your coil will draw from it. If you aren’t mindful of your own safety at all times, a mech mod can potentially become dangerous. Are you prepared to accept that responsibility? If you aren’t, a mech mod is probably not the right choice for you.



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