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What Made You Switch?

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What Made You Switch?

When talking about marketing strategies within the e-cigarette industry, this question jumped to the forefront of my mind and really got the gears moving.  As someone doesn’t vape and never smoked, I can truly only compare to other addictions that I personally have.  For me, video gaming is a bit of an addiction, but by no means is it comparable to that of smoking.  So the question that I pose is, “What made YOU switch from cigarettes to e-cigs?”  At what point did you say enough was enough and you were going to make this attempt?  Was it something within yourself that just said it was time?  Was there a friend who suggested you try it?  Was it an advertisement you saw?

I’ve seen many different companies take an entirely different approach to advertising, some of it I agree with, some I do not.  I’ll keep my opinions to myself on those specifics, but I am curious if any of the following were the ‘trigger’ for you to take that first step.

Vape Models – This could be anywhere from seeing a person performing vape tricks to the scantily dressed models showing off little more than vapour to simply a lifestyle scene that has someone vaping in it.  I think it’s fair to say that these types of advertisements exists for the same reason cologne/perfume commercials are what they are; there’s no way for you to taste/smell the product through your monitor/smartphone/tv, so what they’re attempting to sell is an emotion that is appealing to the consumer in hopes that you will associate that emotion with vaping.  Is this effective?  I have to assume to some degree that it is, otherwise why are cologne/perfume commercials still doing this?

Word of Mouth – I’m sure this one is both the cause AND the prevention for someone switching to e-cigarettes.  Word of Mouth is extremely powerful, especially when it is a success story from someone you trust.  On the flip side, how many smokers out there have had their friends and family make other suggestions that would result in THEM making a change in their life that maybe they’re not ready for.  Growing up with parents who were both smokers, I can say that I honestly believe every time I suggested they quit made them more and more unwilling to do so.

Brand Name Is Everywhere – How many corner stores/vapeshops/buses/billboards can you pass seeing ‘brand X’ advertised before you start considering that maybe there is something of value here?  Seeing the same product everywhere to me is a pretty heavy psychological indicator that maybe I should check this thing out.  Although this isn’t always true.  ‘Brand X’ may very well be a terrible product that is run by a company with a massive advertising budget.  Are you susceptible to this type of advertising?

Personal Health Concerns – I’ve heard countless stories from customers saying that they had some sort of health concern and that the doctor advised them that cigarettes could be affecting the amount of time they had left here.  Of course, there are many aids that people choose to use to achieve this goal, but the question is if this is what pushed you to take the step?

These are all hypothetical questions.  To some degree, I believe they all have had some level of impact on people making the decision to drop cigarettes and I’m sure there are many more outside of the ones I listed.  Some people, my parents included, were ultimately able to drop cigarettes without the use of any sort of aid.  Obviously, this is the goal, but there is certainly value in every little step that moves a smoker towards being a non-smoker.  So regardless of why you switched or how fast you dropped cigarettes, remember that reduction is also something to celebrate.


Tim Howey

General Manager

True North Vapor


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