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What Is a Water Bubbler for a Vaporizer?

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What Is a Water Bubbler for a Vaporizer?

It’s great to change up your vaping routine once in a while, and there’s no better way to do that than by getting a new accessory for your vaporizer. Would you like to try a new toy that completely transforms your vaping experience? Were you a fan of bongs during your days as smoker? If you answered “yes” to both of those questions, you’ve got to try a water bubbler. It might just become your new favorite way to vape! Let’s find out why – but first, here’s a summary of what makes vape bubblers so great.

  • They’re inexpensive. A typical bubbler attachment for a vaporizer costs $25 or less.
  • A bubbler can make vapor much more pleasant to inhale. Do you have difficulty taking full, deep lung hits because the hot, dry vapor makes you cough? You’ll find that a bubbler can make those deep hits possible. The deeper hits may make it possible to get even more out of your herbs.
  • Like some bongs, many bubblers are beautiful pieces of glasswork. You might really enjoy the way a bubbler makes your vaporizer look.

How Do Water Bubblers Work?

Depending on the design, a water bubbler may attach to your vaporizer’s existing mouthpiece or replace the mouthpiece entirely. The bubbler has a reservoir at the bottom; you’ll fill that with water. The bubbler places the water directly in the vapor path, which forces the vapor to pass through the water when you inhale. The water radically changes the character of the vapor by filtering, cooling and moisturizing it.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Water Bubblers?

The Benefits of Water Bubblers

Many people find that water bubblers – just like water pipes for smoking – tend to reduce irritation. Vapor certainly isn’t as harsh as smoke, but it can still be hot and dry. If you tend to cough while inhaling from your vaporizer – or your lungs and throat simply feel raw at the end of each vaping session – you’ll probably find vaping much more pleasant if you use a water bubbler. The water cools the vapor while adding moisture. The moisturizing effect is a bit like that of inhaling the steam from a hot cup of tea.

The water in the bubbler also functions as a barrier that prevents particulate matter from entering your mouth. Have you ever inhaled a big glob of resinous material that somehow managed to pass through your vaporizer’s screen? That won’t happen if you’re using a bubbler. You’ll find that the filtration effect of the water imparts a smoothness to the vapor that’s impossible to achieve otherwise.

The Drawbacks of Water Bubblers

The fact that the water in a bubbler acts as a filter is both a benefit and a drawback. Some smokers use water pipes in the hope that the water will remove harmful compounds from the smoke. According to a 2000 study, though, a bong actually removes beneficial compounds even more efficiently than it removes tar. If you use a water bubbler, you’ll probably find that you have to vape more often – and use more material – to achieve the same effect that you enjoy from direct inhaling. It’s worthwhile to try a bubbler anyway, though, if you find direct inhaling so harsh that you can’t inhale deeply.

An additional drawback of using a bubbler is that it’s yet another component of your vaping setup that will require cleaning and care. However, a bubbler is inexpensive enough that you could always simply rinse it between uses and throw it away when it becomes too dirty. You’ll also be glad that bubblers are inexpensive if you ever drop one. Water bubblers are made from glass, and they break easily.

Water Bubblers vs. Bong Adapters

Most water bubblers are made for specific vaporizer models only and will not fit vaporizers made by other manufacturers. In addition, some bubblers are only intended for use with devices that vaporize concentrates rather than dry herbs. If you can’t find a water bubbler for your vaporizer, though, there is an alternative: You can get a bong adapter instead. A bong adapter connects a vaporizer to a water pipe by way of a tube or by directly connecting the vaporizer’s mouthpiece to the bong’s stem. After connecting the vaporizer to the water pipe, you’ll add water to the pipe, turn the vaporizer on and inhale the vapor through the pipe’s mouthpiece.

How to Use a Water Bubbler Attachment

One common characteristic of vape water bubblers is that they rarely seem to include instruction manuals. Thankfully, they aren’t that difficult to use. In most cases, you’ll add water to the bubbler through the mouthpiece before connecting the bubbler to your vaporizer. Hold a paper towel against the bottom of the bubbler. Give the bubbler a little tap – or blow gently through the mouthpiece – to remove the excess water. Attach the bubbler to your vaporizer and enjoy clouds of cool, moist vapor. When your vaping session is over, dump out the water and rinse the bubbler in the sink before allowing it to air dry.

Are Water Bubblers Hard to Clean?

It generally isn’t possible to disassemble a water bubbler for cleaning. That makes cleaning a little more difficult than with the other components of your vaporizer. If you’ve ever owned a bong, though, you already know the drill. A good soak in rubbing alcohol will dislodge any resins stuck to the glass, and then you can simply give the bubbler a rinse to get the alcohol out. You can alternatively discard the bubbler and begin using a new one when it gets too dirty. Vape bubblers are inexpensive, and you can probably use one for months before the built-up resin becomes a major detriment to the vaping experience. It’s a good idea, though, to at least rinse your bubbler with clean water after each vaping session. Otherwise, resins and other material left in the bubbler may encourage the formation of mold and other microbes.



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