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VITA – Putting In Some Work

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VITA – Putting In Some Work

A while ago, I posted some details about VITA (Vaping Industry Trade Association) and their intention.  If you missed that article, you can view it HERE to learn more about who it’s run by and what they want to accomplish for the industry.

Recently in Nova Scotia, the Legislative Assembly by the PC Leader, Tim Houston proposed to amend the Tobacco Act ban flavoured vaping products.  These proposals usually stem from two different problems that are assumed or perceived among governing bodies:

  1. That flavoured products promotes underage persons to start vaping
  2. That flavoured vaping products increase the risk of harm to the individual

Addressing the first point, members of VITA have answered this directly for me stating that the goal is to always promote to smokers and current vapers who are not minors.  The question that is always skirted is will banning flavours really reduce the appeal to young people?  My suspicion is that it will not.  If underage people are grabbing high nicotine products, their goal isn’t for the flavour but for the head rush.  A flavourless or tobacco flavoured product will still do that.  Banning the flavours will only harm the millions of smokers who found it possible to make the switch because they needed something that tasted better than tobacco.

On the second point, we’ve known for years exactly what is in e-liquid products.  The chemicals found in recent THC cartridges (Vitamin E Acetate) have never been present in e-liquids.  Banning flavours will not change the primary ingredients in e-liquid.

In a recent article written by Daniel David, the President & CEO of VITA wrote “We urge the Nova Scotia Government to reject these short-sighted measures and instead work with stakeholders and rely on evidence to come to sensible regulations.” Full article on this can be found here: 

I am pleased to see VITA, even in its infancy, taking a stance to help advocate for the vaping industry with factual and logical information.


Tim Howey

General Manager

True North Vapor



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