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Vaping – Everything We Know

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Vaping – Everything We Know

Over the last couple of months, a lot of questions have been raised regarding the e-cigarette industry because of the outbreak of illicit THC cartridges that injured and even killed users due to vitamin E acetate.  My intention with this article isn’t to beat the dead horse on the subject as the information is already readily available now.  The goal is to showcase something that was released today that I think every shop owner/clerk and individual should take just a few minutes to review.

A couple of hours ago, the Vape Industry Trade Association (VITA) released a document in French and English that sums up everything we know about e-cigarettes and e-liquid to date.  This pamphlet isn’t a sales pitch or an opinionated article; it is simply the facts as we know it to educate the general public about the product that so many of us are passionate about.  Avid vapers are probably already well informed, but even myself found some value and facts that I was unaware of.

Regardless of your thoughts about VITA, because there still are many mixed feelings, I believe the value within this material is very relevant, especially to non-vapers out there who have growing concerns about their friends and family who do use e-cigarettes as a smoking alternative.  Most of us within the vaping community are now well aware of what the risks are and what they are not because we did our research.  My hope is that you, as a vaper, will now share this information with your friends and family who were concerned about you to help alleviate those fears.



Tim Howey

General Manager

True North Vapor


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