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Vaping: An Outsiders Viewpoint from the Inside

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Vaping: An Outsiders Viewpoint from the Inside

I remember entering this industry in 2011.  I was just a guy looking for another job; handing out resumés to every retail shop I could until I was hired.  When I stopped at a small shop selling Gold Seal E-liquid, among many other interesting items, I was taken aback when a position to sell e-cigarettes was available to me.  All my life, I had been a non-smoker; unless you count second hand smoke, in which case I smoked two packs a day.  I was seriously out of my element; I had no idea if this product was better or worse than cigarettes.  All I knew for certain at that moment, it sure smelled a lot better than a cigarette!

The vape shop provided me with all the training and resources I could possibly need to make an informed decision myself.  It didn’t take long to come to my own personal conclusion that 3 ingredients VS the thousands of unknown chemicals in a cigarette was a significantly better alternative.  My viewpoint then is the same as it is now; making a switch from cigarettes to e-cigs was a step in the right direction but there would be no value in vaping for someone not making a switch.

Day after day, I would see customers coming into the shop and telling me how long it’s been since they've had a cigarette.  They would bring their friends, family and co-workers in to see me to help them find an alternative to cigarettes.  The success rate was insanely high, and I couldn’t help but wonder how much second hand smoke I could have avoided if my parents had access to this amazing product years ago.

Flash forward eight years ahead to today.  I am now the General Manager of an e-Liquid Distribution company that supplies an uncountable number of consumers who have also made the switch.  Some use an e-cigarette exclusively without any change in the product, others have weened themselves down to lower nicotine levels and some still smoke as well as vape.  The fact is, there is something seriously positive to be said about the reduction of smoking cigarettes.

As an outsider who doesn’t vape, I am proud to be an insider of this industry, helping affect the lives of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Canadians, who have reduced their smoking and directly lowered the amount of second-hand smoke inhaled by others.


~Tim Howey

General Manager

True North Vapor



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