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VAEPology Learning Centre

Back in February, we introduced Kellie Anne Forbes and VAEP, the Vaping Advocacy and Education Project. We were very impressed by how much work she had put into her not-for-profit education corporation, and how much she cares for the vaping community.


Today, I wanted to introduce VAEP’s next development; an online and interactive program called the VAEPology Learning Centre. They have a short video explaining how it works:


So, who is this really for?


  •     Vapers who want to know more about what they’re breathing in
  •     Smokers who are considering the switch and haven’t taken the step because they’ve heard rumours about vaping
  •     Non-smokers/vapers who knows someone who is vaping and has concerns about their friend/family


    In a world where information is at our fingertips, it’s important to understand that not everything you read on the internet is true.  With an informational site geared towards helping the vaping industry by promoting the truth; cited sources make for a credible foundation of information with constant updates as the science unfolds.


    Tim Howey

    General Manager

    True North Vapor


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