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True North Vapor – Proud Sponsor of True North Disc Golf

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True North Vapor – Proud Sponsor of True North Disc Golf


A couple of months ago, the owner, Jeff asked me if I wanted to go play a round of Disc Golf with him.  I had never played a game before and if it weren’t for a PlayStation game that used the Move, I probably wouldn’t have even heard of it.

I was quite surprised by several things as we played.  First being the number of people who play this game; we consistently had players both in front and behind us, and because it was my first time playing, we had to let a few people play through from time to time.  Secondly was the number of players who were vaping on the course.  I mean, I’ve seen people vaping before of course, I work in this industry, but the quantity of players who vaped was staggering.  It made me take note of the lack of cigarette butts as well.  It makes sense though really.  You can get a pretty good work out if you’re running the course, even climbing a few hills is good exercise, so I couldn’t really see a smoker shooting 18 or 36 holes.

In the end, I lost horribly but had an amazing time playing.  I’ve been a couple times since then to play only to be destroyed, even with a 15-point handicap.  Seriously, I’m terrible.  It’s really fun though and looks to be a sport that is gaining popularity.




Passion ignites inspiration; getting out there and being active is a great way to get some exercise and it just promotes a healthy lifestyle.  I’ve said before that I got involved in the e-liquid industry because I wanted to be part of the team that helped millions of smokers ditch the combustible cigarettes because I grew up in a household that was filled with secondhand smoke.  Being active isn’t any different and something worth promoting.  So Jeff’s passion for Disc Golf inspired him to help put this sport in the spotlight and create True North Disc Golf – a media company that films and showcases Disc Golf tournaments.


If you’ve never played the game, you really should give it a shot.  The cost to get started is extremely low and the support from local players for new people has been amazing.  I’ve never been a very active person, but Disc Golf for me provided a healthy amount of outdoor time without leaving me in pain the next day like I had just spent the evening at the gym.  That’s a happy medium for me.



Tim Howey

General Manager

True North Vapor



After posting these videos, we have been overwhelmed by the number of viewers who are supporting this new endeavor.  What is showcased now is just the first for four games of the match.  You can expect to see much more in the future as True North Disc Golf expands and covers tournaments all over.


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