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The Top 3 Top-Fill Pod Systems for the Sticky Vaper

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The Top 3 Top-Fill Pod Systems for the Sticky Vaper

With closed and open pod system vaporizers on the up-and-up and no clear end to the trend in sight, companies have been pushing out new devices seemingly every day. While we love to have as many options as possible, it can make stepping into the average vape shop an overwhelming experience. For someone new to the vape world, choosing one among hundreds can leave you wondering whether you made the right choice.


Another universal problem among vapers is the inevitable sticky mess we're faced with whenever a pod needs to be filled. Unsheathing a pod, unplugging the stopper and refilling can mean messy fingers, sticky vapes and leaky pods! It's not always convenient and can leave you wishing for simpler times.


The good thing about stumbling upon these problems early on is when companies take those complaints into consideration and release a device free of silly things like having to take your pod out to fill it! We've done our research to find which devices have adapted and transformed the way we fill pods and arranged them in a nice list free of stickiness and gummy hands!


Z Biip

Innokin Z BIIP -


This top-fill AIO pod system vape has so many great features, it's hard to know which one is worthy of mentioning first!


- Audible system. The Z BIIP has audio cues to let you know where the battery life is. This is particularly useful for people with visual limitations. With a switch on the bottom, you can turn this feature on and off.

- Ergonomic design. The Z BIIP, although large compared to come pod system vapes, is large enough to fit comfortably in the hand yet small enough to be stowed away in a pocket or purse. The parts are easy to grip, and you won't have to fiddle around with tiny pieces that are easy to lose.

- Leak proofing. The mouthpiece twists over to reveal a convenient fill port. No more taking your pod out to fill it from the bottom.

- Cross Compatibility. The Z BIIP can use any of the Z series of coils by Innokin.


Orion Q

The Lost Vape Orion Q -


A simplified version of its predecessor, this vape stays basic with no compromises on quality or performance.


- Huge battery. The Orion Q packs a whopping 950 mAH battery into a palm-sized device.

- Pod lock. The pod stays locked into the device until you pull the switch to pop it out. No more pods sliding out or going missing.

- Adjustable airflow. A simple airflow valve on the mouthpiece can be adjusted to suit your needs.

- Easy top-fill. A sliding port located on the top of the pod makes it so the only time you need to take this pod out is when you're swapping it out for a new one.


Uwell Caliburn

Uwell Caliburn - 


Uwell's answer to the flat, palm-style vape has been making massive waves in the vaping community due to its power and perfectly timed innovation. Top-fill 2ml pods make this device a huge contender for best pod system vape of 2019.


- Draw or push activation. Whether you like to puff and go or press a button, puff and go, you have the option with this device to suit your comfort.

- LED battery indicator. Never be caught unaware again. The Caliburn will show where your battery life is and warn you when it's reached low power.

- Superior airflow. The device uses Pro-FOCS Flavor Technology, which recycles the airflow through the atomizer's core to concentrate the flavour. That means truer, tastier flavour!



Written by: Jamie Porto

True North Vapor, Front of House



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