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The Sequels - Novo 2

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The Sequels - Novo 2

The Sequels... We check out the second versions of classic vape hardware and compare them against their predecessors!

This week we’re comparing the Smok Novo and the Smok Novo 2!

After the wildly successful, draw-activated Novo pod device, we saw a massive surge in popularity for tiny vapes with good power! I couldn’t keep enough stock of the Novo for months after its initial release. It was plain to see that Smok had been busy answering to the fluctuation in demand for palm-sized pod systems and they hit the mark with the Novo back in 2018. It boasted the new, sleek signature Smok cobra look and dwarfed almost everything else on the market at the time. What made this device better than your standard disposable gas station vape was that you could fill the pod with your own e-liquid. This took your options from a handful of flavours to a plethora of opportunity and different nicotine strengths.


News of the Novo 2 snuck up on us and made a big enough splash that I knew we would have to get them in our shop as soon as humanly possible. I didn't have to know the details because my instincts told me that if Smok was releasing a sequel to the Novo, it would come chockful of improvements. Call me an easy customer!


The Novo 2 has an 800 mAH battery— nearly double the battery of the original! It's available in new psychedelic resin colours as well as a 7-colour shell design, 7-colour spray and a few more colours that we haven't seen yet from Smok. They carved out some new air-intake ports for a better draw and put in a new LED indicator to tell you where your battery life is at (Green: 70%+, Amber: 30%-69%, Red: less than 30%). This device also has a 12-month product warranty through Smok— a positive reassurance by the company that you will get at least a year of use out of this new device! The best part is that the device is cross-compatible with the original pods! If you're an avid Novo user with qualms about upgrading, you can rest assured that all you're going to get are improvements.


The Novo 2 puts the original to shame with better battery power alone. This upgrade on a classic device is another homerun for Smok!

Written by: Jamie L Porto

True North Vapor, Front of House


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