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The 9 Most Essential Supplies for Building Vape Coils

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The 9 Most Essential Supplies for Building Vape Coils

Have you ever tried building your own vape coils? It’s pretty fun to vape with something you built with your own hands, isn’t it? If you’re the right kind of vaper, all it takes is one successful coil build – and you’re hooked. Immediately, you want to learn how you can make your experience even better. We’re here to tell you that if you want to have the best coil building experience possible, you need to get your building supplies in place. Getting the right supplies – and organizing them so they’re always in easy reach – is the way to ensure that you’ll consistently get great performance out of your coils. It’s also the way to ensure that you’ll always enjoy building your own coils instead of experiencing burnout. These are the 9 most essential supplies for coil building.

Organizational System

When you begin your coil building explorations, you might not have much in the way of supplies – perhaps just a spool of wire, a package of cotton and a screwdriver. Over time, though, you’re going to collect many other things. Just about every RDA on the market comes with its own screwdriver and bag of accessories. While you’re collecting those, you’ll also be increasing your stock of wires, wicks and other tools. Develop an organizational process early by getting a single bag or box that can store and organize all of your supplies.

Wire Cutters

When you first start building your own vape coils, you’ll probably begin with thin wires that you can trim easily with scissors. You’ll quickly find, though, that thick wires with more surface area do an even better job of producing huge, satisfying vapor clouds. Building coils with thick wires is going to become extremely frustrating if you can’t clip the leads cleanly. Get a good pair of wire cutters.

Pre-Wrapped Coils

Even if you think that you love wrapping wires and building your own coils from scratch, you’re going to have days when you really don’t feel like doing the work. On those days, you’re going to be very happy if you have a few pre-wrapped coils in your tool chest. Learn how to install pre-built coils. Using a pre-wrapped coil is almost as easy as trimming the leads and screwing the coils down, but pre-wrapped coils aren’t just some of the best coil building supplies because they save time. They’re also great because elaborate coils such as Alien coils and Clapton coils offer truly amazing flavor and vapor production.

Resistance Tester

One of the first things you’ll learn when you read about coil building online is that you must check for a short and confirm the resistance before using any atomizer coil that you build. While you can use a good regulated mod to check coil resistance, it’s even safer to use a standalone resistance tester that can handle a short with absolutely no chance of the battery experiencing an issue. A resistance tester also doubles as a building platform that holds your atomizer upright and makes coil installation easy.

Ceramic Tweezers

When you build a new vaping coil, one of the last things that you need to do before you can begin using the coil is make small adjustments to eliminate hot spots. Hot spots kill the vaping experience by producing vapor that’s hot and harsh. Coils with hot spots also don’t last as long as they should. Are you using a tool such as a screwdriver or toothpick to adjust your coils? If you want to make a perfect set of compressed coils, a pair of ceramic-tipped tweezers is the perfect tool for the job. Ceramic is the best material for adjusting vaping coils because it’s resistant to heat and doesn’t conduct electricity.

Organic Cotton Balls

One of the reasons why people buy cotton specifically intended for vaping is because companies such as Cotton Bacon and Native Wicks produce wicks with extremely long fibers. The longer the fibers are, the easier it is to thread the cotton through the middle of a coil without breaking the wick. The problem with cotton manufactured for vaping, though, is that it is expensive; the packages never have quite as much cotton as you’d like them to. That’s why it’s great to have a bag of organic cotton balls around; cotton balls make a great backup option if you run out of your regular cotton unexpectedly. Working with cotton balls might not be quite as easy as working with true vaping cotton, but you can be confident that the pesticide-free cotton will deliver excellent flavor.

Extra Grub Screws

Have you ever wondered what those funny looking screws in your RDA are? They’re called grub screws. Unlike a standard screw with a pointed tip, a grub screw has a rounded tip that’s less likely to cut through your coil when you tighten it. The only problem with the screws in a typical RDA, though, is that they often have soft metal that strips easily. If you have a stripped screw and no spares, you can’t tighten your coils down – and your RDA is essentially useless. Get some extra grub screws before that happens.

Better Screwdrivers

The only thing better than having replacement screws available is not stripping your screws in the first place – and the way to do that is by replacing the cheap screwdrivers included with your RDAs with better screwdrivers of your own. It’s easier to get sufficient torque with a screwdriver that has a wide, sturdy grip, and having fine control over your screwdriver is how you avoid stripping screws.

Alternative Building Materials

Nothing sucks the fun out of coil building more quickly than building exactly the same coil every time. Once in a while, pick up a new building material that you’ve never worked with before. Whether it’s a spool of nichrome wire or a box of rayon, you’ll find that trying a new material can inject life into your routine and make coil building interesting and stimulating again.



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