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The 1,000 Word Vape Mod Buying Guide

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The 1,000 Word Vape Mod Buying Guide

Have you decided that it’s finally time to step up from your pod vaping system and buy your first mod? Get ready to enter a wild and interesting world, because there is more variety in the field of vape mods than you might initially realize. In this article, we’re going to walk you though the things you should consider before buying your first mod, and we’re not going to take a lot of your time doing it. Get ready to become a vape mod expert in just 1,000 words!

Box Mod or Tube Mod?

In the not-too-distant past, it actually began to look as though tube mods were on the verge of irrelevance. With new vape tanks demanding upwards of 100 watts – and sometimes more – to provide a good experience, single-battery tube mods just couldn’t cut it anymore. Over the last year or so, though, vapers have begun to demand coils that don’t kill batteries quite so quickly. The biggest technological development in vaping from the past year – the mesh coil – makes it possible to get huge clouds and great flavor from a device with just one battery.

You will generally get a higher maximum wattage and more battery life if you buy a box mod rather than a tube mod. You may also get advanced features – like custom wattage curves – that aren’t available in tube mods. If you don’t need those features, though, you’ll probably be very happy with a slim, pocketable tube mod.

Permanent or Removable Battery?

We discuss permanent vs. removable batteries elsewhere on this site. In short, you can generally expect a mod with a permanent battery to be slimmer and lighter – and to cost less – than a mod with removable batteries. When a mod has a permanent battery, the battery is soldered to the device’s mainboard, eliminating the need for heavy gold-plated battery connections and a battery door. When you buy a mod with a removable battery, on the other hand, you’ll often pay more for the mod – and you’ll still have to buy a battery or two on top of that. The benefit, though, is that you can use the batteries of your choice. An additional benefit of using a mod with a removable battery is that the mod doesn’t become useless when the battery stops holding a charge; you can simply replace the battery.

Should I Buy a Mod That Includes a Tank?

Trying a new vape tank is always fun, and the cheapest way to do so is by buying your mods and your tanks together. If you can buy the SMOK TFV8 Baby tank on its own for $23.99 or buy the SMOK QBOX mod for $29.99 and get the TFV8 Baby tank for free, it’s pretty hard to say “no” to that deal. Remember that vaping product manufacturers don’t make most of their money from selling tanks; they make their money from selling the replacement coils. They have no problem almost giving the tanks away for free – as long as you’re buying a mod at the same time. You’ll almost never get the best possible deal if you buy a tank on its own, so buy a full kit and get a deal!

How Many Watts Do I Need?

The good news is that you don’t have to think much about wattage when you buy a vape mod if you don’t want to. Just buy a kit; you can be certain that the device and tank will work together. If you’re not sure what tank you want to use, though, you’ll get the most flexibility if you buy a two-battery mod. A two-battery mod can typically operate at up to 200 watts or even higher. Are you likely to use a tank that requires a 200-watt mod? Probably not. Let’s suppose, though, that your tank operates best at 80 watts. A power level of 80 watts is about the most that you can expect to get out of a single-battery mod, and if you’re always running your device at its maximum power level, you won’t get great battery life out of it. A 200-watt mod, on the other hand, can run all day at 80 watts without breaking a sweat.

What Features Should a Vape Mod Have?

Wattage Adjustment

At minimum, a vape mod should have a wattage adjustment feature. A single-button vape pen is fine if you only intend to use it with the included tank. If you want to experiment with different tanks, though, you’ll need the ability to make power adjustments if you want to have a good experience.

Custom Wattage Curve

Some box mods will give you the ability to set custom wattage curves. You can use that feature, for example, to give your tank a quick burst of power when you initially press the button before tapering the wattage down slowly to avoid a burned wick. While the ability to set a custom wattage curve isn’t necessarily a must-have feature, you may find it useful if your typical vaping style involves long, deep puffs.

Temperature Control

If you get harsh dry hits often because you forget to keep your tank full, you’re going to love temperature control vaping. When you install a stainless steel, titanium or nickel coil and enable your mod’s temperature control mode, you’ll be able to set a maximum temperature for your coil. Your mod will monitor the coil’s temperature and cut power immediately if the coil reaches its temperature limit. Temperature control is invaluable if you like your vapor cool and smooth. Almost every box mod has a temperature control mode available, but few tube mods or vape pens have that feature.

Firmware Updates

Do you hate buying an electronic device that immediately becomes out of date when the manufacturer replaces it with something newer? So does everyone else, and that’s why many box mods have the ability to install firmware updates. If a manufacturer adds a new feature or corrects a potential safety issue, you can download a firmware update on your computer and install the update via a USB cable.




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