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The 1,000 Word Rebuildable Atomizer Buying Guide

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The 1,000 Word Rebuildable Atomizer Buying Guide

You’ve spent plenty of time reading about how to have the best possible vaping experience, and all of the information available points you in one direction. If you want to experience the best flavor and biggest vapor clouds, you need to use a rebuildable atomizer because that’s what gives you the highest coil surface area and best airflow. Building your own coil, however, is substantially more work than just dropping a pre-built coil into a tank – and that’s only one challenge. Before you can even get to that point, you have to buy the best rebuildable atomizer for your needs – and they tend to differ substantially from one another. We’re going to help you get the best possible start in your coil building adventures, and we’re not going to take a lot of your time doing it. This is our 1,000 word rebuildable atomizer buying guide.

RDA vs. RTA vs. RDTA

You’ll notice a lot of acronyms when you begin shopping for a rebuildable atomizer. We’ll explain those in brief.

  • A rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) has no e-liquid storage aside from a shallow well that keeps excess juice from leaking out. You’ll add e-liquid to the atomizer by dripping it directly through the opening in the mouthpiece. RDAs typically provide the best airflow and largest building platforms of all rebuildable atomizers.
  • A rebuildable tank atomizer (RTA) works much like the tank you’re using now; the only difference is that you build the coils yourself. If you’re using a modern sub-ohm tank, switching to an RTA won’t necessarily lead to increased vapor production compared to what you’re currently getting. However, you will save a great deal of money compared to what you spend on boxed coils.
  • A rebuildable dripping tank atomizer (RDTA) combines many of the benefits of RDAs and RTAs by positioning the coil building platform above the e-liquid reservoir. In an RDTA, the wick carries e-liquid up from the reservoir through holes in the building platform. Because of the distance that the e-liquid must travel to reach the coil, you can’t chain vape with an RDTA the way that you can with an RDA. As long as you maintain a moderate vaping pace, though, an RDTA can give you the great airflow of an RDA and the higher e-liquid capacity of an RTA.

As you can see, RDAs, RTAs and RDTAs are substantially different from one another. Learn more about the types of rebuildable atomizers. If you’re not sure what you want, we suggest starting with an RDA or converting your existing tank to an RTA. We’ll explain that next.

Your Tank May Have a Rebuildable Coil Available

Many popular tanks have rebuildable coils available. The SMOK TFV12 Prince is one example. Switching to a rebuildable coil is an inexpensive way to get started with coil building and find out whether you’ll enjoy building your own coils over the long term. It’s also great to have a rebuildable coil and some building supplies handy for those days when you unexpectedly run out of pre-built coils.

Essential Coil Building Supplies

We discuss the 9 essential coil building supplies elsewhere on this site. In short, though, you’ll need the following items if you want to have the best possible coil building experience.

  • Resistance wire such as kanthal
  • Wick material such as organic cotton
  • Wire cutters
  • Coil winding tool
  • Ceramic tweezers
  • Resistance tester

Many rebuildable atomizers include some wire and cotton. You’ll need to supply the other items yourself. If you take care of them, though, you should never need to replace them.

Get Started Easily With Pre-Wrapped Coils

If you don’t own a coil winder or just want to make the transition to coil building as simple as possible, you can get started easily by buying some pre-wrapped coils instead of buying bare wire. Learn more about how to use pre-wrapped coils. Pre-wrapped coils arrive from the factory already twisted into perfect coil shapes, so they can save you a load of time if you haven’t gotten the basics of coil building quite right yet. What’s even better is that pre-wrapped coils often use elaborate wire designs that would be incredibly time consuming to make yourself. Take a look at these alien coils; they are absolute vapor beasts. Just trim the leads and mount the coils in your RDA!

What Features Should a Rebuildable Atomizer Have?

Good Building Platform

The most important feature of any rebuildable atomizer is its building platform. Putting a coil’s leads through mounting holes, tightening screws and threading cotton through your coils all require manipulation of small objects in a tight space. If you look at the pictures of a rebuildable atomizer and think that the building platform looks like it would be awkward to use, you should probably look for a different atomizer. Learning how to build coils isn’t easy at first; you don’t want to use a rebuildable atomizer that adds to the stress and frustration.

Durable Mounting Screws

Every rebuildable atomizer uses screws for tightening down the coils and keeping them in place. Typically, the screws have very small heads. That’s great for conservation of space in a tiny atomizer, but it’s not great for durability because the tiny grub screws that most rebuildable atomizers use are very easy to strip. If you buy a rebuildable atomizer with small grub screws, make sure that the package includes plenty of replacement screws – you will strip them all eventually. Even better, look for a rebuildable atomizer that includes screws with oversized heads. You’ll appreciate the increased durability.

Adjustable Airflow

Airflow is everything in vaping. You need free, open airflow if you want your atomizer to generate huge clouds without the coils overheating. If you want a rich mouth-to-lung vaping experience, on the other hand, you’ll need to tighten the airflow a bit. Changing your atomizer’s airflow characteristics might also be necessary when you’re troubleshooting an issue such as a spitting coil. No matter what, you’ll be happy if you buy a rebuildable atomizer with adjustable airflow.



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