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Salt Nic FAQ - Updated!

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Salt Nic FAQ - Updated!

Salt Nic e-liquid has taken the vaping world by storm and has solidified itself as a must-have item on the shelves of nearly all specialty vape shops and even local convenience stores. Almost every classic line of freebase e-liquid has been adapted into salt nic form. For some vapers, the swell of popularity seemed to come out of nowhere, but vape vets have recognized the term for years. So, what's the deal with salt nic? What is it, and why has it become so popular that even the most avid sub-ohm vapers are making the switch? We address, explain and answer some of the vape world's most popular questions about Salt Nic.


Q: Why can't I vape salt nic e-liquid at high wattage?


A: Salt Nic e-liquid has a higher concentrate of nicotine that vapes smoothly at low wattage. When you turn up the wattage, the high amount of nicotine gives a veritable punch that most find too harsh for regular consumption. This is why most pod-system devices don't offer adjustable wattage and only go up to a specific wattage. 


Q: What's the difference between salt nic and freebase?


A: The simple answer is: Salt Nicotine is in salt form, and Free-Base is in liquid form, but this doesn't explain much to the curious mind. One might assume, based on name alone, that salt nicotine tastes salty, but that is not the case. Benzoic acid is present in salt nicotine and lowers the pH level of the nicotine, making it less harsh than its free-base brother. It is the reason why salt nicotine e-liquid feels smoother even though the concentration is higher than what is available in freebase liquids.


Q: What's the advantage of using salt-based nicotine over freebase?


A: Salt nicotine devices are typically much cheaper than the standard sub-ohm device, and quicker satisfaction may lead to less use. Therefore, the cost of the liquid becomes less, and for customers looking to recreate the punch of a cigarette, it hits the mark better than high VG e-liquids. In a nutshell, salt nic liquid and compatible devices can save you money in the long run.


Q: What's the disadvantage of using salt-based nicotine over freebase?


A: One of the major roadblocks is that the quicker nicotine-release and subsequent "head-rush" of salt nic might not be ideal for customers looking for a lighter experience. For customers that like major flavour and big, smooth clouds: high VG e-liquid is a better option. Even in one of the lesser measurements (10mg - 15mg), salt nicotine can have you reeling if you're not used to the delivery.


Q: Why can't I get salt nicotine liquid in anything higher than 50mg?


A: The law in Canada dictates that you cannot sell e-liquid that exceeds the measurement of 66 milligrams per millilitre. You very well could buy salt nicotine e-liquid in 60mg or even hit the limit at 66mg, but the industry standard is set at 50mg to prevent mishaps that could breach the laws. This is also why you will typically only see salt nic e-liquid sold in 30mL bottles.



Written by Jamie Porto

True North Vapor, Front of House



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