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Mouth-to-Lung vs. Direct-to-Lung Vaping

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Mouth-to-Lung vs. Direct-to-Lung Vaping

Out of all the things that can dramatically affect your vaping experience, the way in which you inhale is certainly one of the biggest. You can draw the vapor into your mouth before inhaling it – mouth-to-lung inhaling is the way in which most people smoke cigarettes – or you can inhale the vapor directly into your lungs. If you started vaping by buying a small e-cigarette, it’s likely that you’ve already tried mouth-to-lung inhaling.

Why would anyone want to inhale vapor directly to their lungs, and what are the benefits of direct-to-lung vaping? What vaping equipment and e-liquid work best with the two inhalation styles? You’re about to learn the answers to those questions and many more.

Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) Vaping

The Best Devices and Tanks for MTL Vaping

Cigarette-shaped e-cigarettes, pod vaping systems and small vape pens with narrow mouthpieces are generally the best vaping devices for mouth-to-lung inhaling. To get the best MTL inhaling experience, you need a vaping device with somewhat restrictive airflow – like a cigarette. The restrictive airflow is necessary for the device to produce a satisfying amount of vapor using the air pressure from your mouth alone.

The Best E-Liquid for MTL Vaping

When the maximum amount of vapor that you can get in a single puff is the amount that you can fit in your mouth, you need an e-liquid with a decent nicotine strength. Otherwise, you won’t feel any real level of satisfaction from vaping. Nicotine salt e-liquid is the vape juice of choice for many MTL vapers today. Most nicotine salt e-liquid is available in two strengths. You can find a higher strength – usually 50 mg – for new vapers and a lower strength such as 25 mg for existing vapers who have already adjusted to lower nicotine strengths. A nicotine strength of 50 mg delivers roughly the same amount of nicotine that you’d get from smoking a cigarette. With a standard non-salt e-liquid, the ideal nicotine strength for mouth-to-lung vaping is usually 8-16 mg.

The Benefits of MTL Vaping

The benefit of MTL vaping is that it feels like smoking. If you’re a current smoker thinking about making the switch to vaping, there’s comfort in knowing that you can make that switch without changing anything about what you’re currently doing. When you use an e-liquid with the right nicotine strength for you, you’ll feel a sensation in your throat when inhaling that feels much like the sensation of inhaling smoke. People who vape call that sensation “throat hit.” Feeling a good throat hit helps smokers switch to vaping without compromising the level of satisfaction that they require.

Recent developments in vaping – particularly the introduction of nicotine salt e-liquids – have driven many vapers to “downgrade” from larger vaping devices to smaller mouth-to-lung vaping devices. One reason for that is the extremely high e-liquid consumption of some powerful vaping devices. While a 30 ml bottle of e-liquid may last someone with a smaller vaping device up to a week, that’s only enough e-liquid for a day or two if you have a powerful vaping device. High e-liquid consumption can make vaping very expensive – especially if you like sweet e-liquids that quickly burn atomizer coils out. Mouth-to-lung vaping greatly cuts e-liquid usage and makes vaping significantly less expensive.

Direct-to-Lung (DTL) Vaping

The Best Devices and Tanks for DTL Vaping

You can always identify a direct-to-lung vaping device by the size of its mouthpiece. If a device has a wide mouthpiece – or it has the term “sub-ohm” anywhere in the name – it’s meant for DTL inhaling. The tanks and atomizers that sub-ohm mods use have very low-resistance atomizer coils that demand high operational wattage ranges. Some sub-ohm vaping tanks operate at over 100 watts. Since the capacity of your lungs is much greater than that of your mouth, DTL vaping allows you to inhale vastly more vapor with each puff than MTL vaping. A direct-to-lung vaping tank has very wide airflow holes to facilitate deep inhaling.

The Best E-Liquid for DTL Vaping

The amount of nicotine that your body absorbs when you vape depends on two factors. The first factor is the nicotine strength of your e-liquid, and the second factor is the amount of vapor your device produces. Upgrading to a higher-output vaping device, then, requires you to lower the nicotine strength of your e-liquid. Otherwise, you’ll absorb too much nicotine. You’ll also find the vapor incredibly unpleasant to inhale. The most popular nicotine strength for DTL vaping is 3 mg. Some people with greater nicotine requirements prefer a nicotine concentration of 6 mg.

The Benefits of DTL Vaping

If you’re a smoker or existing vaper with a MTL vaping setup, you’re probably wondering why anyone would go through the trouble of changing their vaping device and lowering their e-liquid nicotine strength just to consume the same amount of nicotine they’re already consuming. The primary benefit of DTL vaping is flavor.

When you’re new to vaping, throat hit is the primary factor driving your level of satisfaction. You really need to feel that you’re getting your nicotine. Over time, though, you become more comfortable with the switch to vaping and stop craving tobacco cigarettes as you once did. When you reach that point, you’ll begin experimenting with different e-liquids. You’ll discover some that you really love, and you’ll want to taste the flavors of those e-liquids even more clearly. Switching to direct-to-lung vaping enables that; the more vapor you take in, the better your e-liquids will taste. You may also find that you simply enjoy blowing huge clouds. Cloud chasing is a hobby enjoyed by many thousands of people around the world.

Many people also find that DTL vaping makes it easy to reduce their nicotine consumption. When you’re completely focused on the flavor that you experience when vaping, the lack of throat hit is no longer a concern. You’ll hardly notice if you gradually reduce the nicotine strength of your e-liquid. You may even stop requiring nicotine altogether. That’s why nicotine-free e-liquids exist!


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