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iJoy Captain vs. Avenger

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iJoy Captain vs. Avenger

The word is out. If you’re into high-power vaping, the classic 18650 battery cell simply doesn’t cut it anymore. The vaping manufacturers of the world have caught on to that fact and are now building vaping devices that utilize more powerful batteries such as the energy-dense 20700 cell. Among the companies leading the charge is iJoy with the new 20700-based Captain and Avenger vape mods. You’ve never used a device with 20700 batteries before? No problem; both of these kits include pairs of batteries. So, are you ready for a device that can handle all-day high-wattage vaping? Let’s examine how the iJoy Captain vs. Avenger compare.

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iJoy Captain vs. Avenger: Specifications

They’re both high-end box mods, so the iJoy Captain and Avenger are both likely to appeal to you if you’re looking for a vaping device with all-day power. As you’re about to see, though, the devices have some key differences that will factor in to your purchasing decision.

Maximum Power

  • Both Devices: 234 watts

Battery Support

  • Both Devices: 2 removable 20700 batteries (included; 18650 batteries also supported)

Battery Stated Specifications

  • Both Devices: 40 amps, 3,000 mAh (each)


  • iJoy Captain:96” monochrome display
  • iJoy Avenger:3” color display with color-changing lights

Vaping Modes Supported

  • Both Devices: Variable wattage, temperature control (Ti, Ni, SS, Custom)


  • iJoy Captain: 89 x 48 x 32 mm
  • iJoy Avenger:9 x 50 x 25 mm

iJoy Captain vs. Avenger: Details

Similar Vaping Experience

From reading the specs above, you can see that the iJoy Captain and Avenger are extremely similar vaping devices in terms of their basic technical underpinnings. They include the same batteries. They have the same wattage ranges. Both devices use iJoy’s well-known IWEPAL chipset. They’re similarly sized and can both accommodate 30 mm tanks with no overhang. If you use the same tank and the same settings, the two devices should be virtually indistinguishable from one another in terms of your vaping experience.

Cosmetic Differences

Focusing on the differences between the iJoy Captain and Avenger, the first thing you’ll notice is that the two devices are cosmetically very different from one another. Between the two, the less expensive Captain has the more understated design. While the device is available with several different accent colors, the carbon fiber grips that consume the majority of the Captain’s exterior ensure that the device looks modest – a bit like the interior of a vehicle.

Looking at the iJoy Avenger, on the other hand, you see a device clearly marketed to vaping enthusiasts who like to show off their gear. The colors are brighter. The lines resemble something out of the Transformers series. The battery life indicator on the screen features an image reminiscent of a luxury car. The device has a large fire bar rather than a traditional small fire button. From top to bottom, the Avenger is a very showy device indeed – and that’s only the beginning.

Voice Control

“Hello, iJoy.”

That’s right; the age of voice control vaping is finally here. The iJoy Avenger is one of just a handful of vaping devices with microphones. Simply saying “Hello, iJoy” brings the Avenger to life and causes it to start listening. Here’s a list of the voice commands that the iJoy Avenger currently accepts. If you own the Avenger, be sure to check the iJoy website frequently for firmware updates. Since iJoy can add new voice commands to the Avenger via new firmware versions, this is one case in which you might want to be absolutely certain that you’re always running the latest firmware on your device.

  • Auto Power, Auto Watt: Causes the Avenger to automatically recommend a wattage setting based on the resistance of the connected atomizer
  • Power High, Power Low: Increases and lowers the Avenger’s wattage
  • Lock Device, Unlock Device: Engages and disengages the safety lock to prevent accidental firing
  • Turn On Light, Turn Off Light, Change Color: Manipulates the lights on the front of the Avenger
  • Music Light, Romantic Light: Causes the lights on the front of the Avenger to pulse and change colors along with the music or ambient sounds in the room
  • Shut Down: Turns the Avenger off

Is the iJoy Avenger voice control feature going to revolutionize the way you vape, or is it simply an interesting novelty? Only you can decide. It’s certain, though, that accessing a function such as turning the interactive light show on and off is much faster through voice control than it would be through a traditional menu system.

Alternatives to the iJoy Captain and Avenger

Are you still having trouble deciding whether the iJoy Captain or Avenger is the right device for you? If neither device seems right, here are some alternative high-end mods for you to consider.

ELeaf iKuu

Buy It Now for $69.99

If you don’t like to shoulder the responsibility of managing your own batteries, a vape mod with a built-in battery is the perfect alternative. Using a mod with an internal battery doesn’t mean that you need to compromise performance, though; the ELeaf iKuu reaches a maximum power of 200 watts with its built-in 4,600 mAh battery. If you enjoy understated design, you’ll also like the fact that the iKuu isn’t nearly as showy as some other recently released mods. Want to know more? Read our comparison of the ELeaf Tessera vs. iKuu.

SMOK G-Priv 2

Buy It Now for $109.99

If a vaping device with voice control doesn’t pique your interest, maybe you’ll find a touch screen more interesting. Are you tired of using just two adjustment buttons and a fire button to manipulate the menus of your mod? A touch screen interface makes it possible to interact directly with your device by tapping icons. Powered by two 18650 batteries, the G-Priv 2 reaches a maximum power of 230 watts.



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