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I like _______ flavour, what should I try?  Papaya

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I like _______ flavour, what should I try? Papaya

There are a few distinct fruits that people associate at ‘tropical’ flavour with; one of the most prominent but difficult to name is Papaya.  Because Papaya isn’t a native fruit to Canada, it’s a little harder to place the flavour when mixed with other tropical fruits like mango and passionfruit.

If papaya is your flavour, here are a few suggestions to point you in the right direction.

50/50 Free Based and Salt Nicotine

Cali Breezer” from Gold Seal is available in 50/50 blend, max VG and Salt Nicotine.  This unique blend of Papaya, Strawberries and Cantaloupe will take you right to the beach on a small island right in the tropics.


High VG Free Based Nicotine

SmileNVape brings “Hustler’s Nest” to the tropics with a refreshing blend of melons, sweet pears, papaya, mango and a hint of lemon juice.

The master crafters at Charlies Chalk Dust has the perfect pairing with “Peach Papaya Coconut Cream” from their Pacha Mama line.  This all day vape is like a gourmet fruit salad mixed into a tropical drink at a 5 star resort.

MAXX Vapor hits the nail on the head with “MAXX Melons”.  Combine papaya, cantaloupe and mango for that light and refreshing taste that melons and papaya are known for.


Sometimes I feel like some of the more exotic fruits like Lychee or Dragon Fruit never get tried because they’re not commonly found in a grocery store or farmers market in Canada.  Papaya shouldn’t be one of those flavours as it works well with some many fruits that are from around here.  If you’re a papaya lover, or if you haven’t even tried it, give one of these e-liquids a chance.  (https://www.truenorthvapor.com/search?q=Papaya).


Tim Howey

General Manager

True North Vapor


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