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I like _______ flavour, what should I try?  Marshmallow

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I like _______ flavour, what should I try? Marshmallow

Well, I must admit, writing these articles about specific flavour searches has opened my eyes to a few things… and I do this for a living!  When deciding what flavour to target today, I turned to Tyler, one of my sales reps and asked what he was vaping, to which he promptly replied “Mallow Man” by Keep It 100.  So I asked myself, “how many flavours we do have that actually have marshmallow?”.  Much to my surprise we have quite a few!

High VG Free Based Nicotine

When looking for really complex flavours, I highly recommend checking out anything by Ferrum City.  “Torched” is a toasted marshmallow right down to the dark and caramelized exterior to the gooey middle sandwiched between two buttery sugar cookies.  On the flip side, if you’re looking for a more subtle marshmallow flavour, “Number 11” is a cereal bar with berries with just a touch of those sweet and melted white pillows.

Open Road” by Route 66 is a crispy rice treat with caramel and marshmallow that is as spot on accurate to the real deal as it gets.

One of the great products of Mexico comes from Santeria called “Voodoo Doll” which is a marshmallow cookie with grated coconut and strawberry jam.

Support Canadian made product by checking out “Alpha Grape” by Wollf Labs from Saskatchewan; a sweet candy grape with blackberry juice and fluffy marshmallow toping.

If s’mores are your thing, check out “Seaside” by Dreamland with the perfectly traditional honey graham crackers, melted milk chocolate and silky smooth, melted marshmallow.

50/50 Salt Nicotine

There are even a few options in salt nicotine from the aforementioned “Mallow Man” which is a sugar cookie coated in melted marshmallow.

Another Canadian crafted option from Quest is “Climax” which is a strawberry and cream custard with hints of vanilla and marshmallow.  Both of these options are also available in Free Base nicotine.

Check out our marshmallow options here (https://www.truenorthvapor.com/search?q=marshmallow) and leave a review and tell us what you think.


Tim Howey

General Manager

True North Vapor


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