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I like _______ flavour, what should I try?  Coffee

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I like _______ flavour, what should I try? Coffee

Coffee is another one of those interesting flavours that is really hard to get right.  Go too light on the flavouring and it just makes the e-liquid taste like something isn’t quite right.  Inversely, use too much and it tastes like you just got the last bit of coffee from the pot that had been sitting on the warmer for 3 hours and turned into a sludge.  Although the real quality coffee flavours are few and far between, we have a couple bangers that every coffee lover should try.

High VG Free Based Nicotine

In this category, I would honestly say that the King of Coffee goes to the makers of The Pier.  “Froth Delight” is a rich, dark brew complete with vanilla creamer and sugar.  Complete with froth, this is perfect for the coffee lovers.  Also from The Pier is “Rip Tide”, a sweet caramel coffee with a touch of cappuccino and cream flavoured around a light and fluffy waffle.

“Supercharge” from Double Comma Vapes is a full-bodied icedc coffee espresso with vanilla, caramel and milk.  Double Comma is also made by the same company that brought us The Pier.

If you’re after a Canadian created product, check out “Candle Light” from SmileNVape.  Slightly sweet, honeyed milk and cream with roasted coffee beans.  As an added bonus, 10% of the proceeds from “Candle Light” goes towards Lung Cancer Prevention and support.

50/50 Salt Nicotine

If you’re after the infamous “double double”, check out “Horton” from Loyal Vape.  Loyal Vape has been on the market for about 5 years now and “Horton” was one of the original flavours from the launch.  This product is available in Free Base nicotine through Loyal Vape as well as Salt Nicotine in TNV All Stars.

This category is a perfect example of ‘quality over quantity’.  There are a LOT of e-liquids on the market that attempt to make an all day vapable coffee flavour, but so few hit the nail on the head.  Let us know in the comments below if you are a coffee vaper and which flavour do YOU think is the best?


Tim Howey

General Manager

True North Vapor


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