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I like _______ flavour, what should I try?  Chocolate

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I like _______ flavour, what should I try? Chocolate

In the past 7 years I’ve been in this industry, I have seen a lot of chocolate flavours come and go.  Some make chocolate the focus flavour, others use it as a subtle accent to something else like a coconut or fruit.

Chocolate e-liquid isn’t for everyone, and neither is this article.  For the chocolate lovers out there, this one is for you.

High VG Free Based Nicotine

Chocolate glaze on a chocolate doughnut is what The Dunker from Sweet Cloudz is all about; a straight up chocolate flavour that will satisfy anyones sweet tooth.

Another sweet option would be Mint from MAXX by Victory E-Liquid.  This chocolate mint cookie is as close to the real girl guide cookies you will ever get.

Another great mint flavour can also be found in Arctic Bark from Cold Snap; a white chocolate peppermint bark, much like what you would find during the cold holiday season.

If the cold season isn’t your scene, how about gathering around the fire pit to roast marshmallows and make s’mores?  Seaside from Dreamland is exactly that, complete with the graham crackers.

For the more refined, we have a dark chocolate bourbon biscuit straight from the UK in Dark Crunch from Crunchies.  A cookie with velvety smooth filling balanced with the bite of bourbon.

If you prefer to avoid alcohol, why not just go for some straight up chocolate milk with Almonte from Loyal Vape?  Loyal has been on the market for more than 5 years in Canada and still going strong.  The line up features creamy flavours; so who better than Loyal to make a rich chocolatey drink?

If you’re a cheesecake fan, check out Slice of Vape from Drip the Hype.  This slightly tart raspberry cheesecake with curls of white chocolate sprinkled on top gives just the subtle hint of chocolate on a fantastic desert.

50/50 Salt Nicotine

If salts are your game, Tranquility is the name.  This cookie is baked with a blend of chocolate, vanilla, caramel and butterscotch.  Developed and manufactured right here in Canada, Quest is available in both salt and freebase.

Check out our chocolate options here (https://www.truenorthvapor.com/search?q=Chocolate) and leave a review and tell us what you think.


Tim Howey

General Manager

True North Vapor


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