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How to Get the Best Flavor When Vaping

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How to Get the Best Flavor When Vaping

If you’ve been vaping for a while, there’s a good chance that what you want out of your experience has changed over time. When you first began vaping, your only real priority was to find an e-liquid and vaping setup that could replace the cigarettes you once smoked. Eventually, though, you’ll probably discover that your priorities have changed. You’ll reach a point at which you no longer think about cigarettes. You still enjoy the nicotine, of course, but flavor is really the first thing on your mind when you vape.

Have you reached that point? Do you spend hours searching through lists of e-liquids to find the one with exactly the flavor profile you want – and even when you do find the right e-liquid, do you still want more? We’re here to help.

You’re about to learn exactly how to get the best flavor when vaping.

Choosing E-Liquid for the Best Flavor

Sweetened vs. Unsweetened E-Liquids

People love to taste sweet things. Fruit, dessert and candy flavor profiles form the cores of many e-liquid makers’ lineups. To ensure that those flavors really pop, many e-liquid makers add the sweetener sucralose to their products. Does your e-liquid leave a sweet coating on your palate? Does it taste a bit like a sugar-free candy or diet soda? It’s likely that your e-liquid contains sucralose. If you love your vaping experience as it is, there’s no need to change anything. Consider, though, that sweetened e-liquids have a few drawbacks.

  • Apart from activating the sweet receptors on your palate, sucralose doesn’t have any flavor of its own. It tends to muddle the other flavors in an e-liquid.
  • Sucralose doesn’t vaporize cleanly. It leaves a deposit that shortens coil life. The deposit – vapers call it coil gunk – also makes every e-liquid taste like burned sugar, further preventing you from experiencing the best flavor when vaping.

Sweetened e-liquids have become so popular that, if you started vaping in the last year or two, you may not be aware that unsweetened e-liquids also exist. With an unsweetened e-liquid, you’ll taste clearer flavors, and your coils will last longer. They’re worth trying – even if you think that you prefer sweetened e-liquids.

Tweaking VG/PG Ratio for Flavor

Did you know that changing the VG/PG ratio of an e-liquid can affect its flavor? PG has no flavor of its own, but VG is slightly sweet. An e-liquid with a greater amount of PG, therefore, will have a more clearly defined flavor profile. An e-liquid with more VG, on the other hand, will taste sweeter overall – but the individual notes won’t come through quite as well.

Caring for Your Palate

You should never forget that your own palate can influence the flavor you experience when vaping. Do you ever feel a coating on your tongue when you vape? Drink plenty of water. Use an occasional palate cleanser like black coffee or lemon wedges. In addition, remember that you will experience palate fatigue if you use nothing but the same e-liquid all of the time. Keep your palate at maximum sensitivity by establishing a rotation of your favorite e-liquids and switching to a different flavor every day or two.

Tweaking Your Vaping Hardware for the Best Flavor

Mouth-to-Lung Vaping for Flavor

Best Mouth-to-Lung Vaping Tanks: Aspire Nautilus 2, Eleaf GS Turbo

When comparing mouth-to-lung vs direct-to-lung inhaling, opinions are split as to which inhaling style leads to the best flavor when vaping. On one hand, direct-to-lung inhaling means that you’re inhaling more e-liquid – and more e-liquid means more flavor. On the other hand, direct-to-lung vaping sends the vapor straight down your throat, where you can’t taste it. Mouth-to-lung vaping keeps the vapor in contact with your palate longer, and that’s why some people believe it’s the best way to vape for flavor.

If you’re currently using vaping equipment designed for direct-to-lung inhaling – and you’re not happy with the flavor you currently experience – it’s worth the trouble to try a mouth-to-lung tank. You may find that you prefer it.

If you do decide to try switching to a mouth-to-lung tank, keep in mind that you’ll need to use a higher nicotine strength to absorb the same amount of nicotine that you’re getting now. The most popular nicotine strengths for direct-to-lung inhaling are 3 and 6 mg. If you switch to a mouth-to-lung tank, you’ll need a nicotine strength of around 16 mg. You might need to experiment with several nicotine strengths to find the one that works best for you. On the bright side, mouth-to-lung tanks use far less e-liquid than direct-to-lung tanks. If you enjoy the switch, you’ll find that your e-liquid expenses are much lower.

Direct-to-Lung Vaping for Flavor

Best Direct-to-Lung Vaping Tanks: Uwell Crown 3, SMOK TFV12 Prince

If you want to get the best flavor with a direct-to-lung tank, airflow is the first thing that you should consider. Does your tank produce huge clouds? That means you’re inhaling a lot of air, and air does nothing to enhance the flavor of an e-liquid. If you want big clouds and big flavor, you need to close your tank’s intake holes a bit. Keep in mind, though, that closing the intake holes will also impede the tank’s ability to keep the atomizer coil cool. You’ll also have to vape at a slightly lower wattage. Your clouds will be a little smaller, but you’ll taste those clouds much more clearly.

Does your tank have a mesh coil available? A mesh coil uses a strip of metal mesh as the heating element rather than the metal wire that most coils use. Since mesh has a much flatter cross section than wire, mesh coils have improved wick-to-metal contact. That means you can enjoy longer, deeper puffs without experiencing the burned flavor that results from a dry wick – and deeper puffs mean better flavor.

Many vaping tanks have removable mouthpieces. If you want to improve the flavor of a direct-to-lung tank, you should try using a narrow mouthpiece rather than the wide mouthpiece included with your tank. A narrow mouthpiece restricts airflow slightly and forces the vapor to remain in your mouth a bit longer before traveling down your throat.


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