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How Do Refillable JUUL Pods Work?

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How Do Refillable JUUL Pods Work?

If you’re a JUUL owner, you’re well aware of its benefits. The JUUL and other pod vaping systems like it are so satisfying – and so easy to use – that they appeal as strongly to expert vapers as they do beginners. It’s likely that you’re happy about every aspect of the JUUL vaping experience – every aspect but one, that is. JUUL pods are really expensive! The suggested retail price for a four-pack of JUUL pods is $20.99. Unless you restrict yourself to one pod per day, using the JUUL can actually be more expensive than smoking in some areas. If you ever buy your JUUL pods from a vape shop, though, you know that you can buy an enormous bottle of e-liquid for the same price as a pack of JUUL pods. If only you could have your JUUL and enjoy the cost savings that owners of other vaping devices enjoy, right? Well, it turns out that you can. Refillable JUUL pods make it possible – and they’re available right here for just $14.99 per four-pack.

What Are the Benefits of Refillable JUUL Pods?

The JUUL Ecosystem is Tried and Tested – But It’s Expensive

The mindset behind a closed vaping system like the JUUL is that it’s okay for the producer to break even – or potentially even lose a little money – on the sale of starter kits. By selling a closed system that only works with one type of pod, the producer can earn its investment back by selling packs of pods. A four-pack of JUUL pods costs nearly as much as a basic JUUL starter kit, so it’s no surprise that JUUL recently earned a valuation of $38 billion and was given $12.8 billion of investment capital by Marlboro maker Altria. In the United States, JUUL is the undisputed leader among traditional e-cigarette companies with a market share over 70 percent, and all of those pods are making the company a lot of money.

As a JUUL user, you know the benefits of staying within the JUUL ecosystem. JUUL’s flavors have undergone extensive testing, and most people agree that they taste good. The pods themselves have gone through several revisions over the years. These days, JUUL’s official pods have excellent vapor production and rarely leak. The downside, though, is that you pay for the experience. A single pre-filled JUUL pod costs more than $5 and may not last a full day. The high cost of JUUL pods has created an opening for third-party companies to manufacture pods compatible with the JUUL vaping device.

Refillable JUUL Pods Make JUUL Ownership Inexpensive

Let’s do a bit of math. At $20.99 per four-pack, JUUL pods cost about $1,915 per year if you use one pod daily. If you use more than one pod per day, you’re essentially spending your car payments for the year on JUUL pods. Ouch!

A four-pack of refillable JUUL pods costs $14.99. You can refill each pod up to 10 times. Let’s be conservative, though, and assume that you use two packs of pods per month at one refill per day. You’ll also need e-liquid. A single 30 ml bottle of nicotine salt e-liquid from True North Vapor costs as little as $19.99 and provides a one-month supply of juice at 1 ml per day. That’s a total monthly cost of just $49.97 compared to the $157.42 monthly cost of official JUUL pods. That’s quite a difference!

Refillable JUUL Pods Let You Use Your Own Flavors

If you clicked the link above, you know that the nicotine salt e-liquid section of our store boasts a selection of dozens of different e-liquids. The selection of official JUUL pods, in comparison, includes just eight flavors. They’re good flavors, sure – but wouldn’t you like to try something new? Refillable JUUL pods make it simple. Just open the filling port and add the e-liquid of your choice. An additional benefit of refillable JUUL pods is that they allow you to control your nicotine intake more finely by buying e-liquids with different nicotine strengths. By filling your pods with lower-strength e-liquids, you can taper off your nicotine usage and potentially reach a point at which you no longer require nicotine at all.

Can I Refill an Official JUUL Pod?

It is possible to refill official JUUL pods, but doing so is a bit of a challenge requiring tools such as a screwdriver and a pair of tweezers. You’ll need to pry the black mouthpiece away from the pod and remove the rubber stopper that seals the pod’s reservoir. Then, you can simply fill the reservoir with your own e-liquid before replacing the pod’s stopper and mouthpiece. In practice, though, refilling an official JUUL pod isn’t that easy and may not be worth the trouble compared to simply buying refillable JUUL pods that are designed for reuse. These are some of the challenges that you’ll encounter when refilling official JUUL pods.

  • A JUUL pod has two cotton pads in the mouthpiece. The pads catch excess moisture and help to prevent the pods from spitting e-liquid in your mouth during use. For the best possible experience, you’ll need to clean and wring out – or replace – those pads when you refill a JUUL pod.
  • Some people experience leaking when they refill their JUUL pods. To minimize leaking, you should gently blow the excess e-liquid out of a refilled JUUL pod before using the pod.
  • The plastic tabs that hold the pod’s black mouthpiece in place are delicate and break easily. Remove the mouthpiece very carefully to avoid breaking the plastic.
  • An official JUUL pod isn’t designed for refilling and doesn’t feature a convenient filling port like a refillable JUUL pod. You might get e-liquid on your hands while refilling your official JUUL pods, so it’s a good idea to wear gloves.
  • Some people experience gurgling and poor airflow after refilling their official JUUL pods. To avoid that, you should exercise care to avoid getting e-liquid in the metal center air channel when refilling a pod.




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