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Free Local Delivery Service - Update

Free Local Delivery Service - Update

If you're local to us, you probably already know that when COVID-19 had the Ontario Government closing all non-essential services that the vaping industry was affected by the closure.  As usual, we continued to operate online and ship packages, but courier companies within Canada began to experience delays and were bogged down with the drastic increase in parcel deliveries.

To avoid impacting our local customer base, we offered a daily Free Delivery service within Brant County for online orders.  Although COVID-19 is still present, the country is moving closer and closer to what we once called 'normal'.  Courier services aren't nearly as affected as they were and many shops have re-opened.  Due to these changes, the need for a local delivery service has been drastically reduced.

With that all said though, we still have some customers who have found reasons other than COVID-19 to take advantage of a local delivery service, such as their work hours being in conflict of our hours of operation or even physical disabilities that would prevent them from going out to get the products they need.  So we will continue to operate our local delivery service on every Tuesday and Thursday for FREE.  We've chosen these days to align with the majority of customers who are still taking advantage of this service and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.



Tim Howey

General Manager

True North Vapor


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