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Featured Friday – RB Float by Wollf Labs

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Featured Friday – RB Float by Wollf Labs

In this near series, I’m taking a completely biased approach to my personal favourite flavours available here at True North Vapor.  For the first entry in this series, I’ve selected RB Float by Wollf Labs.

This is one of my favourites for a few reasons.  Unlike most reviewers, my personal opinion on a flavour is rarely based on things like the device it works best in or the type of cloud it can product.  I like a product because of it’s flavour, originality but also the story or people who created it.

We’ve been working together with Jim Wollf for several years now back when all we had was Gold Seal E-Liquid.  Jim started up his in Saskatoon and geared his business towards helping both new and experienced vapers alike.

What I found most interesting about RB Float was that Jim told me that it was the first liquid in the line to start the R&D process, but the last one to finish just over a year later.  RB Float was so popular during CVE Edmonton 2018 that it was the talk of the show; people couldn’t stop raving about how accurate the flavour was.

I’m extremely picky with my Root Beer and have always preferred either A&W or Barq’s.  RB Float is a perfect harmony between the two.  It has the smooth sweetness of A&W with the bite of Barq’s at the end.  Top it off with a high-quality vanilla ice cream and you have the perfect refreshing dessert/drink in the form of an all-day vape.

Try it out and tell me if you agree with me.




Tim Howey

General Manager

True North Vapor


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