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Fast Flavour Finder

In the last 18 months, our catalogue went from 80 unique flavours to nearly 1000 from all over the world.  We completely understand that some vapers have ‘found their flavour’ and that is perfectly ok to continue with your tried, tested and true.  The target for the article is to specifically for the vapers who like to constantly try something new or the beginners who are trying to find their first flavour.

Our new “Fast Flavour Finder” allows you to search various fields to really narrow down to exactly what you are looking for.  You can use this new tool as much or as little as your heart desires by selecting an option from each category or leaving them default and choosing only one.

Bottle Size:

Bottle Size may or may not be important to you.  Generally speaking, a smaller bottle will cost less, so when choosing a new flavour you may prefer to stay 60mL or less.  On the flip side, targeting larger bottles is a great way to get better value/mL, especially if you know what types of flavours are right for you.

Leaving this option set to default will not limit any results.

Nicotine Types

If you’re a new vaper, you may not be familiar with the different types of nicotine.  “Regular Liquid” or “Freebase” nicotine is what we’ve been using for the past decade.  It’s measured lower and vaped in larger devices that usually product notable quantities of vapour.

“Salt Nic” is not ‘salty’ as the name would imply.  The chemical structure is similar to that of salt.  It’s usually sold in much higher concentrations designed to be used with significantly smaller devices and often product very little vapour, if any.  Salt Nicotine is a little harsher but also is absorbed into the bloodstream faster, producing faster satisfaction with less product.

“Cigar Derived” is exactly as it sounds.  The liquid has had actual cigars that steep in the e-liquid which producing an amazing resemblance to the flavour of the actual tobacco.  With that said, because it has been steeping with the full cigar, the liquid will also absorb other compounds from the cigar.  The major advantage to this type of product is that is still isn’t combustible.

Leaving this option set to default will not limit any results.

Place of Origin:

Some people prefer to support Canadian product only and because there is so much produced out of Quebec, that is also an option to choose.  There is also a fair amount of product available from the USA, Mexico and the UK.

Leaving this option set to default will not limit any results.

PG/VG Ratio:

If you’re new to vaping, this may be a tough question to answer.  Essentially, the higher the VG (Vegetable Glycerin) content, the thicker the product is and the larger clouds it will be able to produce.  High VG product should be used in higher wattage devices.

On the lower side of the VG content, around 50/50 of VG to PG, is where the smaller and lower wattage devices shine.  Most salt nicotine products on the market designed for pods is sold in a 50/50 blend.

The 60/40 mix can really be used in either device with decent success.

Leaving this option set to default will not limit any results.

On Sale/Clearance or Regular Price:

If you’re a consumer who considers themselves “thrifty” or “financially responsible”, watching for the items that go on sale or clearance is a great way to shop without breaking the bank.  For those who are looking for something they know will be around tomorrow, shopping for regular priced items is a good place to start.

Leaving this option set to default will not limit any results.

Preferred Flavour:

If you only use ONE of these filters, make it this one.  This is a great way to shop for a product that contains your favourite fruit, drink, dessert, etc.  You can even expand the search to find “All Fruit Flavours” or “All Tobaccos”.

Leaving this option set to default will not limit any results.

Flavour To Avoid:

This is the complete opposite to the option above.  So if you’ve searched for a Strawberry flavour but absolutely cannot stand blueberries, here’s where you can filter it out.

Leaving this option set to default will not limit any results.


With all search tools like this, being too specific might filter out a product you really want.  If you’re searching for the perfect marshmallow flavour but only want 60mL bottle sizes, there are a handful of amazing flavours that wont show up.  So play around with the tool a little bit and see if you can’t find your next all day vape.



Tim Howey

General Manager

True North Vapor


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