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ELeaf Tessera vs. iKuu

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ELeaf Tessera vs. iKuu

The best thing about vaping is that you have a constant supply of new devices and tanks to try. The worst thing about vaping is that no one person could possibly have enough money to buy them all! You’re looking for the one new mod that suits your needs perfectly. The problem is that sometimes, companies release devices so similar on the surface that it becomes difficult to tell them apart. Case in point: the ELeaf Tessera vs. iKuu. They’re both high-end box mods made by one of the most respected names in the industry, and they’re both fairly colorful and fancy looking. They’re even designed to appeal to the same types of vapers. So, how can you choose which device to buy? We’ll break it down in this comparison.

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ELeaf Tessera vs. iKuu: Specifications

As you’re about to see, there are some clear differences in the specifications of the ELeaf Tessera and iKuu. Let’s examine the basic specs and features of these two box mods.

Maximum Power

  • ELeaf Tessera: 150 watts
  • ELeaf iKuu: 200 watts


  • ELeaf Tessera: 3,400 mAh internal battery
  • ELeaf iKuu: 4,600 mAh internal battery (35% greater capacity)


  • ELeaf Tessera:45” color display
  • ELeaf iKuu:96” monochrome display

Vaping Modes Supported

  • ELeaf Tessera: Variable wattage, temperature control (Ti, Ni, SS, Custom), can also display clock on screen in wattage mode (RTC mode)
  • ELeaf iKuu: Variable wattage, temperature control (Ti, Ni, SS, Custom)


  • ELeaf Tessera: 42 x 30.5 x 133 mm with tank
  • ELeaf iKuu: 45 x 30 x 125 mm with tank (1% smaller)


  • ELeaf Tessera: 217 g
  • ELeaf iKuu: 198 g (9% lighter)

ELeaf Tessera vs. iKuu: Details

Examining the capabilities and specifications of the ELeaf Tessera and iKuu, it becomes clear that the technology powering the two devices is roughly the same. The devices have similar maximum power levels – the difference between 150 and 200 watts isn’t truly relevant for most vapers – along with similar sizes, similar weights and similar safety features. The Tessera might be the more modern device in terms of its user interface, but the iKuu has a decisive edge in some important areas. Let’s examine the two devices more closely.

Looking over the specifications of the ELeaf Tessera vs. iKuu, you can see that the iKuu is actually slightly smaller and lighter than the Tessera even though it boasts a significantly higher maximum power and a much higher-capacity battery. At the same vaping wattage, you can expect the ELeaf iKuu to last about 35 percent longer than the Tessera before you need to recharge the battery. Those are some pretty major differences, and it’s those differences that make the iKuu the clear choice if you simply want the most powerful and most capable of the two devices. The iKuu is even surprisingly pocketable for a 200-watt mod. ELeaf’s decision to use a permanent internal battery for the device greatly reduces its size and weight compared to a 200-watt mod with removable batteries.

On the other hand, the ELeaf Tessera is a device that seems more modern than the iKuu in many ways. From the large hidden fire bar to the color screen and streamlined user interface, the Tessera is a device that seems more user friendly than the iKuu. Although features like color screens certainly aren’t requirements for vaping devices, you will probably appreciate the fact that the screen is extremely easy to read. You might also find the Tessera’s screen easier to see in bright sunlight compared to the monochrome screen of the iKuu.

The ELeaf Tessera and iKuu both have a novel feature that’s still rare among vaping devices but might become more common in the future if vapers demand it. Both devices have hardware reset buttons. Have you ever bricked a vaping device because a firmware update failed? It’s rare, but it does happen. With the ELeaf Tessera and iKuu, you should never have to worry about bricking your device. If the device loses power or USB connectivity while installing new firmware, you can simply hold the reset button to roll the device back to its original factory state and bring it back to life.

Alternatives to the ELeaf Tessera and iKuu

Still not sure which device is the right one for you? Maybe neither device is the one. These are some alternatives to the ELeaf Tessera and iKuu that you should consider.


Asmodus Minikin 2

Buy It Now for $119.99

Here’s a device that’s an extremely solid choice if you’re looking for a mod that produces maximum power in an attractive package. Reaching a top power of 180 watts with two removable 18650 batteries, the Asmodus Minikin 2 comes in several finishes including some shiny chrome colors that you will absolutely love if you enjoy using a flashy vape mod. Another fun feature of the Minikin 2 is that it has just one button. To adjust the device’s settings, simply swipe down on the display to activate the touch-screen interface. You’ll also love the Minikin 2’s ability to set a custom wattage curve. For example, you can have the device start at a higher wattage to generate vapor quickly when you push the button and configure it to lower the wattage gradually to prevent the wick from burning during longer puffs.


iJoy Genie PD270

Buy It Now for $99.99

Do you want a vaping device with incredible battery life? It’s time to drop the 18650 batteries of the past and upgrade to the superior 20700 cell. The iJoy Genie PD270 uses two 20700 batteries to reach a maximum power of 234 watts and provide ample battery life for true all-day vaping. The best part? This device even includes a pair of batteries.



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