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E-Cigarettes – The State of the Industry

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E-Cigarettes – The State of the Industry

It’s been a couple of weeks since I wrote the article “The Word Is Getting Out There” where we started to see the trend move back in the direction of what it once was before all of the misinformation about contaminated THC cartridges were falsely associated with e-liquid.  After seeing the growth and interest rise again in the e-cigarette market, I’m am finding myself more confident that previous smokers and vapers are finding the answers they need to make informed and factual decisions.

Most of our clients are aware now that the FDA and CDC confirmed the respiratory cases that resulted in serious lung injuries and deaths were related to black-market THC cartridges.  The reality is that the only similarity that vaping has to these products is the vehicle and method in which they are consumed.  That would be no different than holding the soda pop industry accountable for someone’s alcoholic beverage being contaminated with some unknown drug; both are consumed the same way but really aren’t related to each other.

The word is still getting out there though and consumers are becoming more educated; not just the vapers but also the friends and families of those who vape.   Retail shops that carry our product are re-stocking and our retail consumers are continuing to choose a vaping product over combustible cigarettes.  That doesn’t mean things are back to normal as we are still fielding calls from concerned vape shop owners and customers about the state of the current industry.  Those calls are becoming fewer and further between, but there is still education to be shared and so I will continue to write on the subject until those calls stop entirely.


Tim Howey

General Manager

True North Vapor


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