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Domestic VS International Products

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Domestic VS International Products

When I reflect on what True North Vapor was two years ago and do a side by side comparison to today, there are some interesting and staggering differences, despite being very similar at its core.  I think the first thing that most onlookers might point out would be the sheer number of brands we now carry as well as their origin.

Two years ago, we had eight brands in our catalogue that we had developed and produced: Gold Seal, Gold Seal Max VG, Vaped Goods, Cold Snap, Shaman, Blackpool Reserve, Loyal Vape and Mod Sauce.  Shortly after that, we also launched Dreamland, but the point is still the same.  What we showcase now is vastly different than what we offer now and there are a few intriguing questions that come to mind with that comparison.

Why would a customer buy a Domestic Product in the market today?

  • For starters, like most countries, there is a large population that strongly supports products developed and manufactured in and by their home country.  It goes a lot further than being patriotic too as it is a great way to help sustain the economy where you live.
  • Just because you as a consumer are more likely to see “Brand X” that is Canadian made in more vape shops doesn’t make it a bad brand by any stretch of the imagination.  On many levels, Canadian products can rival some of the largest selling brands around the globe.
  • Being a domestic product, when you find the flavour you like, it makes it a lot easier to restock when you’re travelling from city to city, or even to another province for that matter.

Why would a customer buy an International Product in the market today?

  • Many vapers in the community want to change the flavour of their vape as frequently as they change what they want to have for dinner.  With this type of user, it doesn’t take long to go through what their local vape shop has to offer, so international products provide the variety of life they seek with their endeavor to stay away from cigarettes.
  • Some of the more avid vapers follow vape reviewers on social media and YouTube.  Most of the time, these products are out of reach to the user either physically or financially.  Providing products from outside Canada alleviates both concerns.

What if a customer fits both descriptions?

  • Very much like the terms of service on a piece of software, so many people scroll to the bottom and hit “I accept” without reading.  The same goes for the fine print on a bottle of e-liquid.  For the astute vapers, every product that we carry, regardless of its origin, will read that the product is actually manufactured here in Canada with a large portion coming right from Lindsay, Ontario.

No matter which customer you are, the loyal to Canadian products or the taste testers of the world, we hope that you enjoy how we are expanding our catalogue to appeal to everyone.  In fact, we would invite you to reach out to us with your suggestions of new brands of specific flavours that you would like to see us offer.  Please check out our “Contact Us” form to send your suggestions.


Tim Howey

General Manager

True North Vapor


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