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Distribution Opportunities

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Distribution Opportunities

Do you have a quality and respected brand from anywhere in the world that you would like to see offered to stores across Canada?

Do you want to work with a powerhouse Canadian manufacturer and distributor?

Do you want to give your brand the best possible shot at being a long-term winner in the Canadian market?

Let's talk about how we can help.


Our Strengths:

  • We specialize in bringing labels and brands into CCCR-2001 and Bill S-5 compliance for the Canadian market.
  • Maintaining pro-active product compliance with Health Canada and other government regulators of which we have an excellent track record.
  • Over 7 years of profitable relationships with over 1200 retailers across Canada.
  • The manufacturing and distribution of over 5 million bottles with our trusted co-packer Dvine laboratories.
  • Product testing and modification to maintain the Intellectual Property integrity while simultaneously meeting health codes.
  • Multiple marketing relationships and platforms to make awareness easy and streamlined when launching into Canada; all included free of charge.
  • We are especially successful with winning brands coming from outside of Canada who want to expand.
  • All products are paid for the moment it lands on our deck and is counted and placed into inventory. This means no frustrating fine print or terms and conditions.
  • With your product paid before it goes up for sale, you know we have skin in the game and want to work with you long term.
  • Deals that leave the IP holder making money with minimal efforts. With True North Vapor improving our catalogues selection, we can provide the customer with more choices.
  • A wholesale tier-based pricing system based on total volume. This means we reward our customers with better pricing across all our brands regardless of where they spend their dollars. This ensures that new brands launching reap the rewards of the success gained beforehand and don't start at a disadvantage.
  • Entrepreneurial minded employees that eat sleep and breathe the vaping industry. This means that we care, will return your communications in a timely manner and dedicate ourselves to making your brand as successful as possible.
  • A highly organized warehouse and crew that pride themselves on speed, accuracy and consistency when handling your brand. Our goal is simple: We want to never run out of product and get our customers there goods as quickly and accurately as possible.
  • TrustPilot, a dedicated 3rd party review site whose purpose is to constantly cross check our company’s efforts to ensure our service is always top tier. This is designed to protect the reputation of all the brands we represent.
  • Vaping with Lisa is a dedicated YouTube channel with a focus on product awareness, spotlights and interviews with industry professionals, events, product creators with a dash of humour.
  • Heavy emphasis on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram and other social media platforms.
  • A highly experienced sales team dedicated to store visits, phone and email sales. With years of investment to procure trusted and profitable friendships that have stood the test of time.
  • A weekly newsletter designed to inform and raise awareness of new products, industry information and news.
  • A graphical marketing package created on your behalf at the time of launch. The package includes menu cards, hi-res 3D bottle images, product review videos, magazine spotlights and social media banners.
  • Frequently highlighted in nationally distributed magazines such as Canadian Vapour Magazine and Vapouround. We also pass on specialized discounts for our customers if they are looking for direct advertising with our partners.


For specific information on our reach please see the enclosed graphic:

Our Ideal Partners:

  • A brand with huge success outside of Canada as domestic lines tend to already have traction and end up creating competition between ourselves and the IP holder.
  • A strong interest for expansion into Canada as traditionally we have seen much higher success when the IP holder takes the goal seriously.
  • The opportunity to exclusively market and sell the brand within our network as multiple distributors traditionally drives the brands value down and ultimately makes it unprofitable.
  • Manufacturing handled by our trusted partner Dvine because all too often we have seen weaker manufactures not be able to maintain standards or volume and do tremendous damage.
  • Steady and easy communications as needed because the exchange of ideas tends to produce much better results.
  • A single point of contact as the ability to make decisive and critical decisions can often get extremely bogged down by bureaucratic thinking.
  • The courage to think outside the box and leverage tried and true methods while also being able to take calculated risks.
  • Companies with a high aptitude for diplomacy and problem solving.
  • A willingness to adapt the brands image to the Canadian market and invest in its longevity.
  • Thinking BIG!! With a desire to make a deal with us that wears well for both sides.


How to Reach Us:

For more information on our services or to request a distribution application form, hit the button below.

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